Discussion in 'Travel' started by scott8629, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. I have decided to visit Tallinn with a mate (just 2 of us at the moment) on the 17th of May for 4 days.

    Now I need some advice from peeps on where to go, sights, food, accomodation, beer, night clubs etc.

    Im not going for the hookers and strippers would prefer to meet the local girls!

    What I have found out so far

    For Beer

    For Food
    Pegasus (again)

    Any advice on the place and people would be great.

  2. Of course.

    I couldn't tell you about the nightlife anymore, I was there briefly about 15 years ago and all changed now, so get a guide book. The Old Town is very pretty, lots to see but shouldn't take more than a couple of days at most. We had a yacht so were able to look around the islands - you'll meet lots of local girls on the beaches, all very friendly, helpful and very keen on acquiring all over tans.

    Pirita was a bit of a hole, as was Parnu... but I'd recommend the beaches again.
  3. Cheers mate, I think the beacjes may be a bit parky in May!
  4. Good places to eat are:

    Bocca (already on your list), Vertigo, Moskva, Ö, Spirit..the best night club is Bon Bon...nice lunch place in old town is Deja Vu..

    Tallinn is quite small... just take a walk in old town and enjoy.

    As for the people, they are very friendly so long as you are not a drunken chav twat towards them. Personally I prefer Riga, but each to his own.
  5. Scammell wheel nuts as far as the eye can see, lurvely!