Tallest on the left, shortest on the right!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by TomNewman, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Recently a ‘guardsman’ H R Snow wrote to The Daily Telegraph on the subject of arranging books on a shelf. This was in reply to a previous correspondent who stated he arranges his books - tallest on the right and shortest on the left in military style.
    Mr Snow wrote: “Speaking as a guardsman, my principle has always been: tallest on the flanks, shortest in the centre. This makes for a more pleasing visual display, whether of books or soldiers.”
    During my time in uniform in the 1970s, whenever a parade was imminent we all lined up in single file, tallest on the left, shortest on the right. A right turn and then marched into ranks 1, 2, 3 – 1, 2, 3 etc. Obviously that meant all those on the left hand flank were taller than those on the right hand.
    Has this changed or is the above description by Mr Snow unique to the guards?
  2. OCD and Tic Tock Guardsmen, a match made in heaven!
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  3. Was it not "Odd numbers 1 pace back, even numbers 1 pace forward. Rear rank right turn, front rank left turn, March..."

    or something like that to make the tallest on the flanks type thingy.
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  4. I'm with legs on this one.
  5. You missed a bit out.

    Before the right turn and march into ranks you would have had the odd and even numbers once pace apart, front to rear, and then the front rank turns right, rear rank turns left and then you follow on and march into 3 ranks.
    The result equals exactly what Mr Snow was talking about.

    As Legs has already pointed out.
  6. It would appear that your drill staff got it wrong, were doing their own thing or were too lazy to do it properly. It should be, IIRC, Firstly:"Tallest on the right, shortest on the left!"; Then: "From the Right - NUMBER" (everyone shouts out their number as it reaches them); "Odd numbers one pace forwards, even numbers one pace backwards - MARCH"; "Front rank turn to the right, rear rank turn to the left... ranks right and left ...TURN. "Form two/three ranks - QUICK MARCH" and so one did. This put the tallest on the flanks and the shortest in the centre. Try it on the kids or down the pub!

    I am NOT an ex-Guardsman, but some things just do not go away. I am pretty sure it was standard drill in all units. Now I must lie down in a darkened room with a copy of the all-arms drill pamphlet and a box of Kleenex.
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  7. Thanks Steven.
    Yes I had forgotton that small bit of vital info.
    Like I said it was over 35 years ago that I was on parade.
    Apologies to Mr Snow
  8. Sorry! Took me too long to type out!
  9. err......just an inclusion for us antipodeans, after the numbering we had the addition of:

    "Odd numbers - PROVE!"
    "Even numbers - PROVE!"

    And still they'd **** that up when it came to:

    "Odd numbers one pace forward, even numbers one pace rearwards - MARCH"

    oooooo....I luv a parade.
  10. Who were you with when that was the drill?

    Been involved since early 70's and that's not what it was for me.
  11. Do I not like drill!!!
  12. ^ RAInf, and RI 1RTB.
  13. Tallest on the Right, Shortest on the left. NUMBER!!

    Drill is brill, it makes my knob throb.
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  14. Drill is a pill that should be taken twice daily.

    At least until you finish RMAS and then can concentrate on the less bullshitty things in life.
  15. Proving is when the soldier is commanded to raise one or other of his feet, in order to count the studs in his ammo boots. I think.