Tall Tales Required

I realise that the use of real names is frowned on but this is for a good reason,

Capt Alan "Legs" L****************** who has served with the RAMC for more than 40 years is to be dined out on his retirement in early September from his NRPS post in a certain M25 based AMSTA unit, who he's served alongside for the past 8 yrs. It is to be my privelige to divulge the misdemeanours of his earlier career to the mess on this occasion. To this end, I'm on the scrounge for any gossip/ anecdotes/ dirt etc that his many friends & colleagues may care to divulge. Obviously I don't want this in the public domain (I know, spoil sport), but please pm me with any info or I can supply an Armynet email address/ unit contact details if anyone wants to establish my bona fides.

Many Thanks in advance.

(Edited by Mod. I am sure people who know Alan will know!)


Its going to be hard to come up with much about such a clean living chap.

There was of course the time he shagged "Bert" the Guinea Pig at a mess do (if I remember rightly he wrapped Bert in Duck Tape 1st `cos he loves shiny things).

How the mess laughed.

I'll p.m. the photos to you!

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