Tall tales of escaping volcanic ash

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by udipur, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    The mother in law is stuck with us as she was due to fly on Friday last week and can't.

    Coming from Oz, she has decided to bin the US leg of her grand tour and make her way back home. So she's been looking up long haul boat trips and found a few on cargo boats.

    She did mention jokingly that knowing her luck, she would get safely out of Europe and then be captured by pirates.

    What else could possibly go wrong....?
  2. If she is anything like my mother in law was then God help the pirates .
  3. I got my engineer and 4 McLaren engineers back from Barcelona for Saturday night....with no thamks to the French Port Officials or Train drivers... but a huge thanks to the Dutch van driver who took them onto the ferry and then drove them to Luton to get their cars.....
  4. It was dusty around my car at the weekend
  5. Surely if one in incommoded in foreign parts all one has to do is give one of the locals a large pile of that amusingly coloured paper they use as money and then shout loudly until they find you a first class suite on the next ship home?

    Of course if you absoulutely must travel abroad, though why you would want to god only knows then remember the good old days of "Fog in the channel - continent cut off" and console youself in the knowledge that whatever business you had with those people over there can naturally wait until you are ready.

    A lot of fuss and nonsense.
  6. Spoke to a chap who tried to hire a car from Avis at the weekend in the Netherlands, who wanted 1800 Euro to return a British car. When asked why they were charging so much for what is logically the cheap leg, was told 'Because today, we can'.
  7. Am I the first to mention that it's dusty in here?
  8. If you are stuck in some foreign sh. err, place. Simply demand to be taken to the British Embassy and once there, demand a gun boat to take you home. For Gods sake we are British!
  9. Apparently Eurostar are asking something like £300 for a Paris-London single. Usual fare is circa £60 (BBC early news). "Because they can".
  10. That's news to me. My parents are coming back via Eurostar and if they'd asked that kind of fare my old man would have told them he'd rather swim. It's not that he's tight, he just knows the value of a quid!
  11. Just quoting the BBC. :oops:
  12. Hotel prices in Hong Kong have doubled (Mandarin Oriental now starting at GBP 600/night).
  13. No doubt countless Facebook groups will spring up so people can recall their tales of horror at being stuck in a warm foreign country drinking beer on a beach. The horror.
  14. RIP, your car :D
  15. I read of one ferry company running out of foot passenger tickets but still having an allocation for vehicle owners - so they made the punters go and by push-bikes just to get on board.