Tall Brunette seeks Help!...Sport Science Dissertation!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gemma_mac, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. hello all,
    I am currently in my last yr of university, and my course is sport science. It is in this year where i am doomed with the inevitable dissertation which rounds up to a nice 12,000 word essay. I am planning on persuing a career in the army once i graduate so i thought id do something a bit different and do my dissertation military orientated. Its where to start thats the problem. If anyone out there has any problems with perhaps the fitness assessment for selection/PT as a whole, or any of the kit when training (anything that could be adapted to make your lives more comfortable when exercising) then please let me know. The more feedback the better! Thnks

  2. As an on going routine I wear a leopardskin sports leotard and do lunges and squats over a mirrored surface.

    I have this on video and DVD, with subtitles in case you are deaf and wear a blue tooth headset in both ears.
  3. i love this site and its serious replys lol
  4. Hmm, I was about to get all serious and mention how we shouldn't extract the urine when we're talking about this girls dissertation and by extension her degree and potentially her whole career.

    BUT she pulled the "Tall Brunette" thing. Well ok love, shows us your norks and we'll try and help...

  5. haha nice one potyos, and yes i have a sense of humour =-p just shows what we women have to write to get the maes attention. sorry to disappoint you all, but changed dissertation topic, so feel free to use this tall brunette seeks help post as a means of taking the piss from now on!
  6. How very un sporting of you!
  7. Lycra thongs are totally unsuitable for circuit training!!
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  9. Large numbers of women guarantee attendance at Garrison circuit Trg!!
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  11. I've found that lashing my semi-engorged penis to my thigh with masking tape** helps whilst running.

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    ** Can be substituted with razor wire or plaited human hair.
  12. If your going to play hard to get, she'll never get the true meaning of your feelings.
  13. crimp, that really worries me, have you had a lie down and a nice chat with Dr Lecter?
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    excellent shout
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    I'm sure another study into why and how female bodies suffer so much under military training will be useful. I'm sure there's a fair amount of raw data out there.

    Don't ask me any more questions on this as I'll only use it as a premise to touch your schmoo.