Talking2Minds - Are they what they seem?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Hercule, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Good to see people making efforts to help themselves and others. Not so good having folks delving in to minds, dangerous territory. For me it's Combat Stress or Clinical Psychologists, GP's and mental health professionals, all the way for me, nothing less. Just IMHO.
  2. Dur Jarrod, you clearly didn't read it - it's Synergy!

    I hope this clarifies things for you.
  3. As a patient of Combat Stress and spending 4-5 weeks in total every year as an inpatient I do have opinions on a lot of these Johnny come lately Charities that have sprung up to offer all of these new PTSD solutions. Firstly PTSD is a Psychiatric condition that requires expert medical help. A lot of these new commers have done a few courses and offer there own 'solutions'. I am very cynical of folk who want to make an income/living from PTSD related illnesses. When you have a correct diagnosis of PTSD by a Consultant Shrink they will draw up a Holistic Care Plan involving Medication and other treatments.

    I totally trust the long established Charity Combat Stress and know that I would not be here now if they had not stepped in to help me.

    There are 'new' charities & folk that are trying to secure government funding to help ex UK Military with PTSD. There is one in Edinburgh with an office in a very expensive location that advised a good mate of mine to stop using CS as they were ex Veterans helping ex Veterans. It turns that they had some pilot funding and saw CS as a competitor.

    Most of these non Combat Stress 'solutions' are simply talking shops and out to make a few easy pound. They are not regulated, they are not able to issue prescriptions. The human mind is a very very complex bit of engineering that needs specialist medical help and support mechanisms.
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  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    That twat Alec Webster is a fan of T2M and complains about Combat Stress.

    That should say enough really.
  5. It appears to be a form of Neuro-linguistic Programming, which is highly commercialised and tends to make some rather fantastical claims based on lots of anecdotes but little scientific research. Considering they provide little information on what the treatment is other than a snappy name, I would be wary of using their services
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    If you follow Jarrod's link, you'll also see they're using Slingsby's image and a link to our broken website. No idea who gave permission for that ... I don't recall saying they could, and nor does Slingsby! Incidentally, their reference to "at Clinton Cards" is borrocks. Slingsby did come from Clinton Cards some years ago, but he was a limited edition [long expired] so there's no way any of the Hols4H/Slingsby Team would have agreed that text.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Jarrod. I've asked them to remove the picture and linky. I'll see what happens.
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  7. Given this level of doubt, are we satisfied that Paxman's service claims are kosher (and I know McNab appears to validate him, but in this respect, I would draw your attention to the responses to the first suggestions that Bob Spour was not all he claimed).
  8. I don't care really about what service claims he has. The chap could have been led along. I'm happy for any of these new treatment providers to show evidence they work. We have seen many gaining money but in fact could make people worse. The websites always have loads of people saying how it worked for them. We've seen loads of sockpuppets on here from the human givens and others.
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    They were asked to remove that link almost a year ago.

    There was a historical reciprocal link going back to the Garrison Girls, which Hodges used to be a member of. After a massive spat between them they were asked to remove Slingsby from their site, and that is also why they adopted that American looking thing.