Talking Too Much Sense for BBC Coverage?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, May 26, 2013.

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  1. I saw this video of Ajmal Masroor, a UK Imam, and wondered why someone who talks such good sense and who makes such a great spokesman for (the majority of) British Muslims is being given so little air time by the BBC and ITV? They seem happy enough to have that clown Anjem Chaudhry on spouting his brand of nonsense.

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  2. You answered your own question.

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  3. Because it wouldn't fuel the outrage bus...."vast majority of muslims deplore extremists and just want to go about their daily lives" doesn't keep the headlines spinning......
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  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    al jazeera has a papa smurf lookalike talking sense at the moment as well.
  5. I managed to read "I saw..." then I noticed your signature. Did you say something? My mind was elsewhere.....
  6. Notice how all the foaming at the mouth rabble seem to ignore this thread......
  7. This guy needs to be given more of a platform - he's doing British Muslims a huge favour, and advocating a path that would actually do more to reduce racism than anything you've heard for a long time.
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  8. His initial statement to the effect of 'why don't you clear off if you think it's so awful here?' has in the past, when uttered by whites, been regarded as a quite nasty racist remark.

    Though I'd agree with pretty much every word of what he said. As for the OP's question, the BBC has always had a fondness for Islamist loons whilst, oddly, not phoning up Nick Griffin at every opportunity to get the white Christian loon view. I suspect that if they kept putting Griffin on, people would soon twig that the beardman loons were as unrepresentative of Muslims as Griffin is of white British; the game would be up that they're just displaying grotesques to cause a furore.
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  9. There's a cracking video of little Anjem being torn a spare one by a proper Imam on a Canadian TV show.

    As we know, Anjem will do just about anything to get publicity but he's not well used to dealing with Muslims who know what they're talking about, because he doesn't. Hence his embarrassment after he declared himself to be the chief sharia judge of the UK and he got a tap on the shoulder from a few real sharia judges.

    Watching an Imam point out that Anjem had never studied in a Madrasas, couldn't read Arabic and therefore is less of an Imam than many Bradford school kids. Oh - and Anjem's "fatwas" should really be printed on toilet paper.

    Anjem is no more a clergyman than I am the Bishop of Bath and Wells and, with literally several followers, he hardly speaks for mainstream Muslim opinion. Over the last few days lazy TV producers have called Anjem in as the Islamo nutter from central casting. It would be nice to see more mainstream Muslims laying in to the little bastard and exposing him for what he is.
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  10. Level-headed and sensible feller. I notice he's not gone down the road of dressing up like an extra from the Arabian Nights either. A sound sartorial choice and a pleasant departure from a 'look' I'm finding increasingly irritating.
  11. I would, in his position, have chosen a crisp white shirt and a purple knitted silk tie to set off the suit to best advantage. But perhaps when not tending to the spiritual needs of his flock he moonlights as an advertising copywriter, and had come straight from that job without time to change.
  12. That's got to be the most sensible thing I've heard in a long time.

    I haven't checked the news for a while but it wouldn't surprise me if that interview goes under most peoples radars.
  13. The guy has been on Radio 5 quite often..
  14. They'll be off protecting the British way of life somewhere...
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  15. Is this the same Imam who gave the NSPCC a few harsh truths on the Jeremy Vine show a week or two ago?