Talking to a recruiter and he told me about this outfit

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by 2_Canadian_Beers, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. I am going through the process with the army, looking into para from that point the recruiter, mentioned a group called Sphinx 7? Long Distance Recon work for field artillery. Says it is top notch, they need people and would get the chance to jump from planes and do a little more hands on?
    Saying you can do this out of basic. Now I talked to another recutier on line, they said they had no idea about it.

    Any knowledge from anyone would be great,

    Cheers 2CB
  2. 4/73 bty RA would be what you're after go onto and look from there they are part of 5 regt RA
  3. Not sure if this is the 'knowledge' that you seek, but...



    You can certainly apply once you get to the Field Army - you don't even have to join the Gunners to join 4/73 Bty RA.

    If you're that set on this sort of lifestyle, I strongly suggest you join 148 Bty RA - lots of badges, jump from planes, deploy from submarines etc etc - lots of good kit and tours all over.

    Or you could spend the rest of your life in Catterick going nowhere fast. :D
  4. Or go for the H.A.C. (same role) but not have to wear green every day.
  5. If you're that set on this sort of lifestyle, I strongly suggest you join 148 Bty RA - lots of badges, jump from planes, deploy from submarines etc etc - lots of good kit and tours all over.

    Anyone have a link to the above regiment? Cheers 2Cb
  6. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

  7. 2 - CB - sure youre not fishing mate ? 148 and 4/73 do different things. depends what u r interested in. unlucky for 4/73 that they are stuck with a head shed in 5 reg and other bits of the artillery that couldn't give a fcuk - subject has been done at

    but give them a look and if you are big and brave enough give them a try.
  8. 4/73, dont do jumps, but you can do them right from basic, but unless you are damn fit it is worth giving it a bit first. The training selection is 19 weeks long and is very hard.
  9. whilst I was digging around just intrested to find out what the inet says about them i couldn't find much at all on the Bty history pre amalgamation. What did 73rd sphinx do? and what about 4bty?
  10. 4th was a field bty I believe

    73 was a Mortar Locating Bty in the Old 94, funny thing is when I went to catterick for my course they have bty pic up from the old bty's I was in one of them due to my time working with 73 in 94
  11. Crap :wink:

    You CAN go there from training and have done for quite a while, I was on my course in 95 and they were recruiting straight from depot then
  12. Just to add to CH2's comment

    I found the general fitness not as hard as I thought, its more about stamina, paras may run harder and faster but you have to keep it for 20 weeks and believe me it grinds you down

    The biggest killer for a direct entry from basic is knowledge, you need to be an acomplished soldier BEFORE you arrive, your map reading skills are vital, if you can't navigate, and navigate weel, you're stuffed. The 2 fittess guys on my course where not the sharpest tools in the box, the 2nd fittest was a complete mong with a map, always got lost EVERY navex, the fittest guy was fine, till we went to the mountains. Turns out he navigated by roads, sometimes travelling almost 3 times further than the rest of us, thing was he ran marathons for fun and did triathalons on leave. Put him in the mountains with out roads and he lost some 4 hours tabbing around the wrong valley looking for the RV, he failed test week (which is essentially 6 navex's in a week around otterburn)

    Add to that OP skills, recognition and morse code as well as other ATD subjects of which you need to provide an excellent knowledge of and you see why so many fail.
  14. Para pay in 148 Bty is always a winner, £5 a day, although the submarine bit disappeared a couple of years ago. Annual exercises in the USA, Malaysia, Falklands, Africa (Ghana last year; another country this year) etc etc all add to the fun. Also based in Poole - or would you prefer catterick? Tough decision....
  15. Thanks for the information fellas, you are helping these last decsions in the process, as further I dive into this vast world of Army Life a recruiter, tells me 4 more things. A puzzle, but an adventure.

    Cheers 2CB