Talkin' of Babies.....


I HOPE this is a joke - if not, the parents of these kids should be prosecuted for abuse.

I am appalled! :(
I think its a good idea

I wont be going to the expense of a tattoo, I will have my infant branded with a hot thing, as I did its mother

This will indicate to others that they are owned by me :lol:


Never get the kids a tattoo and NEVER ever get them felt tip pens

....and knitting needles to poke into electrical sockets!


I've got three kids and they're all inked in.

As a fourth birthday present for my eldest, we got him some spiders web elbows done.

My two year old is now the hardest lad in his playgroup with his Borstal teardrop.

My daughter is only nine months old, and she cried and cried throughout the process. After she calmed down, she was the first to agree that the swallows on the backs of her little hands only enhanced her childish beauty.

On a more serious note, perhaps all children should have their addresses and phone numbers tattoed on to their faces, in case they get lost.
They wouldn't get lost if they were nailed to the floor :mrgreen:

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