Talk to the Fire Brigade

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Adjutant, Oct 17, 2002.

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  1. Don't think that 30k is realistic target for the firemen.  The link in your post to the fire pay site just delivers "Slopey shoulders routine" from the firemen.
  2. I think 30k is a realistic target....the government should show a bit o' feckin' respect to those who serve (and risk their lives for) the public. :mad:

    Labour are now at the top of the slippery slope (again) where discontentment and strikes are concerned....they can only push us so far.....

  3. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Been on their site.

    Quite a few users logon during the day and, as you can see from the kind of response to my post, they are similar to the bunch on this site.  (except from the usual civvie misunderstanding of humour, ruperts, that they should really see us as friends rather than part of the problem etc...)

    Keep telling them to come and look in here.

    Eagle, if £30k IS realistic, then the nurses, midwives, Drs, soldiers/officers, teachers......... should get more too, no?  And if so, HOW exactly do you intend we pay for it?  scrapping the NHS? Stopping foreign immigrants from coming here and getting benefits? (Like we have a ready source for manual labour without them, NOT)  Put up taxes?  I agree.  Give them more.  BUT, look at the whole spread, don't just create other problems!

    Anyway, enough already.  I've been at work since early am and I'm off to get pi55ed and see if I can't get laid.
  4. Good plan! :)

    How much do we spend in the Balkans and Afghanistan each and every day?...

    Cut Social Security handouts to those that don't need or deserve them.

    Means test Child Benefit (now there's millions saved instantly)

    There's a very small start! :)

    Another good plan - good luck with that one!!! ;D
  5. :)

    Back in 1977 there was a lot of talk between the striking firefighters and the soldiers etc. So much so that many soldiers left to become firefighters. I hope that such good communications/rapport can be established again as it appears that we have a common enemy - hypocritical government.
    We wish you no harm whilst you are on tour, we wish you well and hopefully you will keep safe.
    As to our pay claim - the governments own figures prove that if we fail to meet their targets for reducing fire deaths, arson and fire calls (cost £635m this year) and fail to meet the 2% year on year savings from our budget (approx £130m)  then our pay rise (£430m) will cost each HOUSEHOLD in the UK a measly 41p per week on top of the £1.39p pw you pay at the moment for our services. Tony Blair is lying when he says that our claim will damage the economy especially as he and his cohorts awarded themselves a 40% rise earlier in the year.
    Nurses and NHS ancillary workers in Cumbria are set to receive a £9k pa rise backdated for approx. 6 years as a result of an Employment Tribunal awarding them equal pay (£25kpa) with manual workers in the local NHS trust.
    IMO the only way to pay for these rises (if others do follow our claim, which is doubtful given the nature of our case) is to increase the higher rate of tax and claw back some of the obscene remuneration packages given to city workers and directors etc. for enjoying their jobs for the boys.
    Socialist principle? What do you expect from social creatures?