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hey anyone else use talk talk and what bad experiances have you had with them ?

My bro plays the ps3 online quite alot and i play the odd game but the thing that annoys me is some games i cannot connect to as i am NAT type 3 to NAT type 2 i have done the things the tutorials on youtube say and still doesnt work.

when i phoned Talk Talk they say i cannot help you as we are not trained in that and they say they dont support online gaming which they do and proving it 2 a manager he agreed they do but just doesnt hav a clue.

is this a breech of my contract ?

I have enabled my UPnP and forwarded the required ports set up DMZ etc as required to do it but still doesnt work if anyone else can help it would be cool and appreciated :wink:
How can this be a breech of contract,

Did you sign up for a gaming service? No you probably didn't it was just tinternet access like everybody else,

1. What speed are you getting (what have you paid for.
2. What router are you using if any ( how are you connecting your PS3)

these questions need to be answered first before anybody can answer

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