Talk Talk Broadband?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Harry_Monk, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. I am interested in anyones views / experience with Talk Talk as an internet provider.

    I am looking at switching to them as they are the only company that currently provides an LLU service on my exchange and it will save me about £12 per month on broadband / line rental.

    Any comments?
  2. Some of our staff had issues using VPN over Talk Talk. There were suspicions that certain ports were throttled but never confirmed.

    What gets my goat about these guys is the incredibly hard sell. They set up a stall at my local Tesco so I'm regularly accosted by them!

  3. I had Talk Talk and it was so very slow that moving over to Sky actually picked up the speed (even though I did it purely to save money). As I changed nothing but broadband provider it says to me that the issue was with TalkTalk.
  4. I moved from BT to Talktalk a few years ago. Speed is sometimes slow, but overall value for money. Can't grumble at £6.99 per month.
  5. If Sky provided an LLU service on my exchange I would of gone to them straight away :)

    I am currently on 'up to 8Mb' standard ADSL, I would expect to get a better connection with Talk Talk as they can provide an LLU service of up to 24Mb. Can't get that with any other provider through my exchange atm.

    I will be watching for this sort of thing. When I spoke to the guy on the phone about it I asked him about Port blocking / throttling and he didn't have the faintest idea what I was talking about. Even went off to speak to his manager (which I suspect never happened) and came back saying "yep, we do all that for you", so obviously had no idea what I was on about.

    I have always kept clear of the 'big' names for this reason, hopefully it won't be an issue. However, I do have a 3 month 'trial period' and will be watching it carefully during that time.

    Cost was also a factor, Talk Talk will be around £19 per month for internet and line rental rather than almost 30 that I am currently paying to Sky (Line Rental) and seperate ISP for Internet.
  6. Been with TalkTalk for years, unlimited downloads, speed dependant on users on line, will not be assisting searchers for illegal downloaders. Best provider I know of.
  7. My sister was on TalkTalk calls and broadband. The broadband failed on average 4 days out of every 7, for varying lengths of time. Sometimes the quality of voice calls was so bad that she gave up and used her mobile instead. On quite a few occasions when I was trying to call her landline, I got the unobtainable tone. None of these issues was ever resolved. She's now back with BT.

    A mate signed up for TalkTalk. He told them to fucck off after 9 weeks of having no landline. Also back with BT.

    And their advert gets on my tits.
  8. Once up and running, no problems whatsoever. The initial start up and customer service are complete toss though. When I initially moved from AOL to Talktalk, it took 3 months to get connected and then their installation disc crashed my hard-drive (something to do with clash of anti-virus programmes). They eventually re-imbursed me for the cost of a new hard-drive. On moving home, again something that was supposed to be relatively simple took close to 2 months.
  9. I've used TalkTalk for about four years without any problems. They will tell you if your area has a good BT Exchange and if so, I can safely say go for it. I also pay the bit extra for unlimited free phone calls including international as I have friends in the US and Oz, so much time is spent on the phone to these.
  10. Can't be as bad as the experiance I'm having with Virgin's 50mb at the moment, the speeds I been getting over the last 2 weeks has been upto 3mb if I'm lucky, they sent a technician round and left him to it and its still as slow as it was!
    Rang them up again and the best they would do to compensate would be about a fiver off my monthly bill!
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    That would concern me for a start with an LLU contract, as it is complete balls. Almost all of them have a 3 month notice requirement to 'Cease', which would leave you in schtuck, as there is no facility to migrate with LLU.
  12. I moved house about 6 months ago and changed from Sky to Talk Talk. Getting my final bill sorted with Sky was a nightmare. Much time wasted in phone calls to stupid call centre personnel who would not listen to my complaints and a series of incorrect charges which I had to argue against. Talk Talk have been fine. A bit slow to set up, but both internet and phone have been stable. My phone went down one evening and they fixed it within 12 hours. I am about 2 miles from my exchange but the broadband speed is acceptable.
  13. I have recently had approx. 6 months with talktalk and would NOT reccomend them to anyone. broadband constantly out, landline similiar, call centre staff with accents you can't understand and generally pisspoor service, pleased to be shit of them, never again.
  14. I binned Talk Talk a couple of years back when they failed to provide the service they promised - a consistently working interent connection with customer service. After paying for moths of non working internet they then had the gall to try bill me extra money to leave the contract early, I must admit to having raised my voice.

    I switched to BT and from then on had no trouble. I think this was in part because they provided the router as well so they could provide help with any problem right up to the plug at the back of my computer and actually sent a human being round to fix it when required. When I was with talk talk they kept blaming the router, and the router manufacturer kept blaming talk talk.