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woolyback_bastard said:
:D We have a new potential friend in the media, this is campaign on the Talk Sport website. His name is Jon Gaunt (Gaunty to listeners) Webiste is at


VC hero Gurkha Tul Bahadur Pun has been banned from living in Britain 'because he has no strong ties with UK'.

Pun single-handedly stormed Japanese machine-gun positions during the Second World War.

The Gurkha’s extraordinary act of valour won him royal admirers and he was invited to the Queen’s Coronation and had tea with the Queen Mother.

Yet, despite his illustrious record, his application to live in Britain has been refused.

So join the growing support for the old soldier to have his application to Britain accepted by logging on to:

Do we have anyone who is good at media who could contact Gaunty and lets see if he is happy to have Arrse on his radio show to talk about 36 Grays Lane before Wednesday deadline.
Just in case you miss this buried in the thread PTP.
I'm on it , I wanted the radio interviews and phone-in activity to form the latter part of the campaign, following the hearts and mind effort you and Ros are running.
After she buys me the seversal pints she owes me. Mind you, I owe her a pack of Bensons...
PTP, do you want to follow up on this or should I?

subbsonic said:

Sorry I have not been able to get ot to support the campaign on the ground.

i have emailed Mick Smith at the times and audrey Gillan ( minty mcginty)

Minty came back to me asking for more detail, and I have suggested some sources and story lines to her.

I did not want to post this up front for OPSEC but thought those on the front line might ike to know.

I must admit I already thought that you'd been onto both of these...
I already had.

Minty and Mick are top of the list with Vicki....

Still many hands make more work :)
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