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Is it just me or has Talk Sport gone down the hill over the last few years? I remember first listening back in 1999 when it was Talk Radio. With the loss of great current affairs presenters like Jon Gaunt and James Whale, there hae has been no fresh blood coming in. I even enjoyed the occasional George Galloway show.

But my favourite was the late Mike Dickin: a proper Mr Angry with a bee in his bonnet. His weekday 1000 phone-ins were a joy to listen to during the long drives I often had to do around then.

James Whale now works for LBC 97.2, doing a tea time phone in. Gaunty is with The Sun.


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Now called Talk Shite for obvious reasons
It's been gash for ******* years now.
Alan Brazil & Ronnie "I just spout middle of the road drivel" Irani in the mornings.
Followed by the smug twins, Andy Grey & Richard Keys.
And going home in the evening we have the delights of Adrian "I'm controversial me, I am" Durham & Darren "I just pick the opposite side to Durham" Gough.

The only one's I like are Paul Hawksbee & Andy Jacobs because they can be funny. But even their show is starting to be all about Chelsea or Spurs (the teams they support).

It's ******* bollocks now.
Yes, it's been going downhill for years now. I listen to Five Live, or (Five Dead) as Gaunty used to call it. Even Victoria Derbyshire does a better show than TalkSport. If in the London area, it's LBC.

I also miss the piss-taking of The Moose, on the Alan Brazil & Mike Parry morning slot. Mindja, Porky Parry used to turn up anytime, anyday.

All the half decent presenters upped sticks and moved to pastures new.

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