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May 31st, at the 7th Rifles drill hall, a talk by Dr Huw Davies, of the Defence Studies dept at Kings College London.
He has a new book out on Wellington and his wars ( to be reviewed shortly) but he is giving a talk and signing books at the drill hall. Worth a visit, I have just started the book and it is very good.
If you can, pop along and have a look.

Dear Fellow Rifleman,
Presenting A Talk byDr Huw J. Davies, of King’s College London Joint Services Command and StaffCollege - The author of `Wellington’s Wars -The Making of a Military Genius`.

The Talk‘Wellington’s Way of War’- will take place at 1800hrs on Thursday 31 May2012 at The Drill Hall, F Company, 7 RIFLES, 56 DaviesStreet, London W1K 5HR and will be followed by a wine reception and booksigning. Please click HEREfor more information and the event poster.

As the 200th Anniversary of the Battleof Salamanca (22 July 2012) fast approaches, which will see The Rifles twinnedwith the historic city of Salamanca, the author of a new book on Wellington’smilitary career is to deliver a talk introducing new arguments aboutWellington’s military genius. This will be a useful introduction for anyonevisiting Spain for the Rifles 200th Anniversary Battlefield Tour or for anyoneinterested in Wellington’s Career.
Arthur Wellesley,Duke of Wellington lives on in popular memory as the 'Invincible General',loved by his men, admired by his peers, formidable to his opponents. Drawing onextensive primary research, this incisive book revises such a portrait,offering a controversial new analysis of Wellington's remarkable militarycareer. Unlike his adversary Napoleon, Wellington was by no means a man ofinnate military talent. Instead, the key to Wellington's military success wasan exceptionally keen understanding of the relationship between politics andwar.
Best wishes
Jan-Dirk von Merveldt
Lt Col (Retd)


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