Talk of £900 Enviromental Road Tax

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by snapper, May 29, 2005.

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  1. Goverment 'advisors' are suggesting a £900 a year tax on cars 8O

    Guess we know one way 'Brown' is paying for Nue Labours jollies - nail the motorist again - c*nt
  2. £900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where did u get this infomation from snapper?
  3. Got a link to this,

    if this is true, it could well lead to more protests like we saw to the fuel increases, well I hope so anyway, these cnuts are intent on bleeding us dry to fuel thier visions of a socialist paradise :evil:
  4. Channel 4 news, not 5 mins ago
  5. ...If New Labour's policies are 'Socialist', I'm a Dutchman - still I hope this deters the likes of John Prescott from his gas-guzzling ways
  6. Petrol tax, car tax, toll roads, VAT on servicing and parts, insurance tax. Were does it end? They can't squeeze anymore out of poll tax, so next best thing, drivers!
  7. It seems it's applied only to gas-guzzling vehicles. BMWs, 4x4s, MPVs, Range Rovers... as a green measure. So it's not applied to everyone across the board.

    If you've got 2 jags however, you could be in the merde
  8. i think we need to clamp down one non-nessercry gas guzzlers

    and get more people on motorbikes for the trips where are car is really not needed
  9. I think all private motor vehicles should be banned.
    They are all un necessesary.
  10. no we need sum but there shoud be more restruictions on when and how we use them
  11. Why pick on drivers? One of the biggest polluters in the world is the airline industry. Now tell me, how much tax do they pay on fuel? Check it out and be prepared to be shocked. Drivers = easy pickings!
  12. We need none. Buses for all!!
  13. So, all those who want restrictions on large 4x4s, there'll be exemptions for people with large or extended families? There aren't many 7+ seater cars on the market, or should people be forced to run 2 smaller cars?

    What about people who live in the countryside & need a landie? Are they to be screwed too? Oh, wait, their needs haven't been considered by the urbanites who don't see outside their ringroads.

    And restrictions on when we use our cars? Wtf? In a free country you shouldn't be restricted from using your gentleman's conveyance for any reason, just like you shouldn't have to have a permit to leave your front door.
  14. For the record I'm not a car-owner. I use a bicycle or public transport for all local journys, and very occasionally hire a car for longer journeys.
    I mention this to leave no doubt about which side of the enviromental divide
    I'm on, however i would be totally against this as a policy.
    For one thing it woud penalise people who rely on their car for work purposes or because they live in surburban/rural areas and require a car due to the dire state of public transport in this country.
    For another it's an outrageous sum of money and would price most people off the road, and allienate instead of persuade them of the (very real) enviromental concerns.

    Before the government takes this kind of blunt instrument to the problem of car induced pollution it needs to prvide a much more convenient and reliable public transport system
  15. Oh Two jags wouln't pay, Government motors and Bruin doesn't have a driving licence.
    Labour socialist my ass, dirty fitlth commi's.
    Days getting better.