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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hoof, May 2, 2008.

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  1. hi guys, had my interview yesterday and was given my date for adsc., being 8th of may. Just one week Just recived a phone call from my recruiter saying if i pass adsc on 8th, im going in on
    Im just hoping my fitness is going to be up to scratch... anyway, just thought id share that. Talk about cacking my pants
  2. well done geeze youll be fine.
  3. I hpoe so, my fitness is my only worry, my 1.5 time is 11mins, press ups 63 in 2 min sit ups 67 in 2 min. oh well, if its not up to scratch im going to get a
  4. Fecking hell lad. Basic 1 week after selection.. you better seriously get into a real fitness routine NOW! Intense! Shame ;)
  5. remember you could knock anything from between 30 secs and a minute off your time on the day, because you will be "well up for it". knowing this run decides your career will get you going mate.
  6. Im confident about passing adsc, just worried about the fitness requiment for basic training, not going to make huge improvments in about ten days from adsc. Where as many other recruits would have been training for months.
  7. just ask to have put put back a month or so to work on your fitness. they wont mind, if anything it shows that you really want this
  8. No-one is superman when they start Basic. No matter what you're always going to be slightly doubtfull of yourself before you start. What i'd suggest is you provide us with as much information as possible towards your fitness regime/ programme, what you do, how many reps and how long you've been doing it (IN ALL HONESTY), and maybe some ARRSERs will be able to assist you with some sound judgement on that, bearing in mind some people's excercise consists of eating an apple a day and walking the dog.
  9. Nice one hoof, Yeah if you don't feel confident on your fitness do what private---pile said and ask for a later date. The ca don't mind, infact they suggest it sometimes. What trade you going for anyways?
  10. Im going in to Royal Artillery as a uav operator. My fitness regime consists of running 3 times a week, one for about 45 mins ,one 3 miler and some sprint work. I do this with circuits every other day, pressups 4 x25, sit ups same squats and lunges etc. My 1.5mile is 11mins at moment, not to bothererd about strenght side of things, just the running. Maybe i,ll be fine. thanks for all the encouragement.
  11. Sounds like you're well motivated and know what you want.
    Good luck with selection and basic!

    By the way, can you shed some light on what the interviews were like? (what they consisted of, etc)
  12. Sounds alright, but what you'll have to do is step it up a bit before you start. The press ups might not always be what you expect, the Up Downers are the ones that get you. Good luck mate and i'm sure you'll be just fine. As long as you aren't going all out to get a run time like that, you'll definately see an improvement
  13. Thanks again lads, to shed light on my interview, it basically consisted of you home life eg; partner, parents if they support your application. Fitness regime, previous employment, what your job choice is, and why you want to do that job. Also they ask you if you know what to expext at basic, pt,drill,fieldcraft etc. And where your phase 2 will be held. Think that covered it really, hope it helps.
  14. I just got asked about family and fitness. Should have adsc in a couple of weeks. Good luck fella.

  15. I just got asked how my fitness was and about my family, as ive been in before.