Talk about glass half empty.

Has anyone else seen this guy?*

does he have a positive opinion on anything?

that's even when you blank out his white house about Churchill.

He describes Nelson Mandela as a 'sell out', and doesn't think Antigua is a nice place because of it's history. I'll leave the bit where starts saying Hitler and Churchill were basically the same.

I think the most pertinent question that he should have been asked is this.

'in 50-100 years time, how do you think you will be remembered? Beacon of progressive thought or shiny f*cktard (Dr or not)'.

I like the old girl in this one though.

There's a three part version with the two blokes.

*I knew I'd seen that bloke before
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I like my glass half empty. It means I have had half a glass and there is now room for more!

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