Talk about a way to treat your troops!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Infiltrator, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. BBC News - Katy Perry performs at US forces gig

    USO v CSE, What a feckin difference. I remember in the 90's during Op Bolton, we got Emlyn Hughes as the headline act getting up on stage and talking about his footballing days. Oh, also a broken down Les Dennis. Why oh why couldn't we have had something like Katy?

    Anyone beat that for crapness? What's the best/worst CSE you've had?
  2. I have to say that CSE knocked the other Nations efforts into a cocked hat a few years ago in KAF...

    The Brit shows were always packed out - we had Rhod Gilbert who had the place in stitches! I think his opening line was "Feck me, Ive played some rough gigs in my time, but all you ba*tards are armed to the teeth!" probably not original I know, but made oi larf..

    The Dutch Heavy Metal band was OK, but the Septic show was dire, and let us draw a quiet veil over the Canadian effort... (even though the Boston Creams from Timmies were a winner..)
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I remeber in 2004 there was some Manc comedian (tomlinson tonkinson something like that)and nobody else I knew
    Luckily I was at Al Ammarah and we didn't get it they let two fly sown to the Airbase to see it IIRC even then nobody wanted to go

    Yanks at Doha had Ben Affleck and J Lo with teh San Fransico 49 cheerleaders and Rob Schnieder the actor / comedian

    Little and Large weren't bad in 93
  4. Of course there is always the productions of SADUSEA by that elite group of the British Army (Song and Dance Unit - South East Asia)

    YouTube - Bad Andrews Sisters DRAG

    "Privates on Parade" great film!!
  5. Perks of being a submariner,no welfare phone cards or entertainment to worry about! 40 words a week incoming only,nothing out.
    Awiating incoming!
  6. SAIF SAREEA Gerry H and Steps. Best bit was the GOC trying to Calm the troops jeering STEPs
  7. 2006 - CSE in the Falklands. Comedian makes a kids talking-spelling toy say 'CNUT'. Laffed my balls off. 2009, decompression from TELIC in Camp shoithole, Cyprus. Same comedian tells exactly the same jokes. I appreciate the effort, but a little change in 3 years maybe?
  8. So one of Katy's costumes was a stars n stripes number. I'm surprised nobody rushed on stage and ripped it off, given that it's illegal...
  9. You cunts were loving the steps and Ginger Gerry in the desert. Feel the pain of the boys in Sierra Leone who got Bradley walsh and Cheryll (pissed) Baker.

    The highlight of the event onboard the RFA was that some one had accidently connected up the 18X24 to the power and when Bradley walsh swanned on and leant against the tent pole he got zapped. Went down hill from there
  10. ABBA tribute group in NI c. 2000 probably weren't bad, but I'm fairly sure they were no more than pretty average.. We all spent the night getting hammered anyway and paid scant attention.

    Nell McAndrew allegedly turned up in Basrah c.2001, whether CSE or not, and promptly did a U-turn when she saw the shitters. Forces sweetheart my spotty arrse!

    In Camp Bastion, some bald-headed comedian cracked the 'I've done some rough gigs but you're the first one where every fucker's armed!' before that Rhod Gilbert, I think, so even less original! Although I did like his,
    Who's in the Army?
    Who's in the Air Force?
    Who's in the Navy?
    What you doin' in the middle of a desert? -You're fuckin LOST mate!

    Thought Saif Sareea was an exercise/ didn't think they sent CSE out to exercises abroad, only ops?
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Pity it wasn't somewhere were they enjoy setting fire to the Stars and Stripes.....
  12. Was she entertaining Saddam's troops? Bloody traitor!

    She was there in 2003 as well.
  13. Percusion_Cap, CSE go out on large exercies too. They came out to Poland in 97 (IRRC), Jim Davidson made a DVD of the show.

    We had the Miami Dolphins come out to us in Telic.... they all looked rats up close. Too much makeup, pitted skin etc. And they were all fcuking mince.
  14. The Americans are far more patriotic than we are which is why so many big names are to be seen at their shows. It's a big thing to be seen to be supporting the troops, a pity a few of our bigger bands don't show a bit of support too.
  15. I head Katherine Jenkins say on the radio the other day whe was off to Afganistan before Christmas.
    Just staring at those tits qualifies as serious quality entertainment does it not?

    I believe she also sings.