Talk about a bunch of NIMBYs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by theloggie, Jan 24, 2009.

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  1. Basically a fishing village in Cornwall wants to improve its quay to improve access for the fishermen but the rich, second home to$$ers from London (et al) say it will ruin their view!

    Because they are rich they have forced a judicial review which will really screw the fishermen as they can't compete on financial grounds in the courts.

    For those interested there is already a Facebook support page.

    The BBC have picked it up here:

    No 10 poll link to follow (in support of the fishermen obviously) but in the meantime from the Telegraph 21 Jan (my bold).......

    Fishermen and second home owners step up battle over Helford jetty
    To its visitors, Helford is a romantic Cornish village that inspired Daphne du Maurier’s historical novel Frenchman’s Creek.

    But beneath the veneer of tranquillity a dispute is simmering between fishermen and the owners of second homes that threatens to split the community.

    The row, which centres on the fishermen’s plans for a new jetty and roadway that would make it easier for them to land their catches, has become so serious that it will now be the subject of a judicial review.

    The fishermen claim they are being stopped from building the jetty by a “village society” that is dominated by second home owners. Plans for the jetty and roadway were approved by Kerrier district council almost two years ago to the satisfaction of local conservation bodies but are now held up because members of the Helford Village Society have forced a judicial review. A hearing is expected in the next two months.

    The fishermen say that the jetty is important to their livelihoods.

    “A million pounds-worth of fish goes across this beach every year,” said Chris Bean, a fisherman who has been leading attempts to build the jetty.

    The area’s celebrity householders include Sir Tim Rice, the lyricist, and Roger Taylor, the drummer in the rock group Queen.

    Mr Taylor, whose home overlooks the proposed site of the jetty, is backing the fishermen. “I cannot see one single reason why the jetty should not be built,” he said.

    “Fishermen work there all year round and live there all year round and they have a hard life. A jetty would make their lives a lot easier.

    “I am not aware of how it would possibly change the scenery. People who do not live there and do not know the area much should just shut up and get on with their lives.”

    However, opponents of the scheme say that it would spoil an area of beauty. Nick Jacobs, who has had a second home in Helford for more than 30 years, and runs an asset management company in Mayfair, said the area was “a special spot”.

    “Do I want to see a new road along the seashore? Do I want to see a new car park there? Do I want to see industrial use there, with a lot of concrete, vehicles parked, that sort of thing? No,” he said.

    “Helford is a proper, balanced community.

    “There are a lot of second homes but those places are rented out. It’s an industry, it’s called tourism and it supports local people and for it to be portrayed as a bunch of wealthy, disinterested, distant people is very, very unfair.”

    Kerrier district council received 170 letters of objection, with several people sending letters both from their properties in Helford and elsewhere.

    Pam Lyne, a Kerrier district and Cornwall county councillor, said: “Most of the objections [to the jetty] are from people who only come here for short periods of time. They do not live in the village. It is not their place of residence, it is their holiday home.”

    About 50 of Helford’s 80 properties are unoccupied for most of the year.

    Mr Bean’s son, Dylan, 33, a partner in the fishing business, said: “The village is like a ghost town in the winter but in the summer it is teeming with people.

    “When we have had council meetings open to the public, the local residents have all been supportive of the project.

    “It is just a pocketful of people who have second houses in the village who do not want to develop the area.”

    Fair makes my blood boil.............I'm getting a double decker luxury outrage bus for this one!!
  2. Saw one of the 2nd homers on the news, saying how he didnt want his holiday spoilt by the sight of cars and a jetty, seeing he spends two weeks a year there, id suggest he drew the curtains.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    or if they have enough money to own and keep a second home, f*** off somewhere else.
  4. This is sh+t

    I surf cornwall, mainly in the winter, I can sit on the board looking up at villages and not see a single light in any of the windows. villages virtually empty because no one can afford to live there and its winter so the fat cats can't be arrsed with the weather

    Cornwall is socially delicate, and having fecking hooray fecking henries fecking the locals economy, sniping from "The city" is sh+t
  5. I know of at least 2 villages in Cornwall that in winter are empty except for the caretaker familys.These villages are all second homes from rich tossers from the city,they even have a locking barrier on the road to the village.
  6. My pal had a pub in West Wales, and wanted to enlarge it, this would have meant more staff, recruted localy, and more cash for the locals but the 2nd homowners put the blocks on it so he baned the lot of them,
    It just shows how a small group of thoughtless rich wonks can cause a great amount of bad feeling

    this is one of the best surfing beaches in the country and as you can see it's packed

    Rhossilli, Gower

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  7. I wonder what powers the local Council and parish council have as regards rates and the like..........
  8. Tapas thinks the influx on non-locals is ace, let's ask him....
  9. F*ck the fishermen. I say we support the rich people!!!
  10. This is like another little village that had all the rich tossers from the city moving in and then complaining about the noise from the cattle market. If you want to live in a farming area or a fishing area don't complain about the f*cking local economy when you get there.
  11. Why not. It would have sank f*cking years ago without the influx of the new money.
  12. Bollox
  13. See how they like the view from a burnt out second home :twisted:
  14. I doubt that you have a shred of evidence with which to support this?
  15. Local are you? Thought not.