Talibans "Great Escape"

Maybe its time tio look at some of the methods employed over 60 years ago; huts on stilts, sandy soil only, listening probes and the employment of Ferrets and Goons! Hmmmmmm, haven't they even thought of a concrete floor a few feet thick?

It's not the first big jail break either in AFG, there's been quite a few, and the common factor has been that they are break ins that let people out!
Well, I think its brilliant, shades of the great escape and all that. Incidentally I was present at one of the escapes from the Maze prison, 6 Nov 74, when Hugh Coney was shot dead by a tower sentry, their tunnel was a neat bit of work and highlighted complacency by the prison authority. TBH what do you expect blokes to do when they are locked up all day and night for years on end., play scrabble?

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