Taliban Truce: Sharia Law To Be Imposed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SmithsRail, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. Your views?

    This is as good as auctioning off Pakistani province' to the Taliban. Giving them what they want will only spread. This is the easy option of giving in to them.

    The repercussions of this on the Afghan/Pakistan border are going to side for the Taliban in favour, locals see them getting what they want- they've won.

    We'll lose support from the local population because as usual they're going to side with the people that are winning, and in this case, to them it's going to look like the Taliban are winning.

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  2. If its correct, the repurcussions, could be very serious in the 3 areas, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.
  3. Does'nt this just give the Taliban a secure area for training etc? Sounds like a bad idea to me.
  4. If Pakistan are willing to give up such vital areas of land it means they don't give a flying fcuk about their sovreignty, so in my humble opinion that's as good as a green light to step-up airstrikes & cross-border raids. But only when terrorist camps are clearly identified

    When that tool Zardari complains & bitches about soveignty, Obama & Brown should give him a 2 fingerered salute
  5. Does this mean more shite coming in our direction now that the Taliban can concentrate on other areas?
  6. But if the taliban continue to feck about after achieving thier supposed goal of implementation of Sharia, it will be proved theyre not fighting for anything but dominance and power over people. Which might just show them up as ********* enough for everyone to get sick of them and get rid. Are the pakis giving them rope to hang themselves with?
  7. Perhaps. just perhaps it's to get all those looney terror types ALL in ONE area so the spread is not as wide when you wipe them off the face of this earth . . . . . .

    Just a thought . . . . :wink:
  8. Do the MODS sort the advertising slots and allocate them to the most relevant thread.

    Incase it changes, the Advertisement at the bottom of this thread reads:

    As for Sharia Law being made lawful in Northern Pakistan. the phrase"Give an inch, take a mile" springs to mind. How long before its the whole of Pakistan.
    Worried! Me! Just a little.

  9. [Translate] local fundamentalists impose their own brand of medieval feudalism after driving out impotent goverment that finaly admits it cannot impose national control in banditland. [/Translate]
  10. Two possibilities here:

    1: The Pakistani Government have chosen a less militant area to try out an approach to see if they can reduce recuitment. If it works fine.

    2: They have chosen a particularly hard-line region, allowed themselves to take a 'hands-free' attitude to subsequent coalition attacks. They can pull their troops out to create an effective free-fire region for the Us to attack training establishments.
  11. Sadly once one area has sharia, dont you think a variety of mullahs will be hot footing it, into more Pakistan regions, spreading their 'victory' call. A few airstrikes into Pakistan will just hand more fuel to the taliban.
  12. Probably, but it's an inconsequential region. If they do allow AQ / Taliban in to set up madrassas, they will be malleted. That will act as a 'pour encourager les autres' symbol to surrounding states.
  13. “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last”
  14. Looks like Pakistan just can't make up it's mind who's side it's on. Best chuck a few billion more dollars at them - even though this story shows they react far more favourably to a damn good slapping. It's all a bit of a **** up, isn't it?
  15. I'm sure this will do nothing but attract those pesky Predators further into Paki airspace. Wonder how much it will take before Islamabad is pressured into responding to said Hellfire carrying insects?