Taliban to be paid to stop fighting!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. Well nothing else seems to have worked...
  2. We live in a strange world.
  3. Dane Geld.
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  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Good idea really - if they are paid ten dollars a day to fight isaf, then we pay them more not to.
  5. Who the **** thought this would work?

    'Here you go Abdul, take £100 and keep your gun, do you promise not to shoot at squaddies anymore?'

    What do they honestly think he is going to do next? He'll take the readies and be planting more roadside bombs before you can say 'this idea seems a bit shit...' .

    I wonder what planet the people who think these things up are on. It isn't this one anyway.
  6. Yanks did it in Baggers, it worked too.
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  7. ####Why don't we just pull out, then Nuke the place!

    Job jobbed!

  8. Come off it Werewolf, have you not heard of Taqqiya? ** They will say: "yes, yes", and then use the money to buy more arms and ammunition.

    This will be viewed as a Jizya tax on the Kuffer, the traditional tax levy forced by threat of arms - pay the tax, or we will bomb you and kill you. But the Jizya tax pays to maintain the warrior overlords, who keep the Christian Kuffer in subjugation.

    Read the fate of the the Roman Empire under Stilicho, who decided to pay tribute to immigrants, to stop them attacking the Empire. Result? The immigrant Goths, Alans and others ran amok, and defeated the entire Western Roman Empire.

    Only the defeated and subjugated pay tribute.

    ** Lying to the Kuffer.

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  9. This is pure morale madness and goes against the whole ethics of warfare.

    What is to stop these sub human barbarians from signing up to this deal and then jumping on the next raiding party to kill as many as he possibly can C/w his long range snipers rifle which he was allowed to keep!

    This "desperate measure" will almost certainly be counter productive, and has made a mockery of this whole campaign.

    Now then, who was it that said terrorism does not pay? £100 per month in Afghan land is the equivalent of a luxury life style.

    Why don't the British government buy them a 4 bedroomed house and throw in a new car to boot?

    Squandering British tax payers money on luxury lifestyles for the Taliban amounts to high treason.

    I am ****ing livid.

    And the ****'s who thought this up should be shot at dawn.
  10. So long as it stops them shooting at us until we do a runner, who cares what we're paying them? Better than shipping even more coffins home.
  11. Err... Setting this type of standard?

    What message does this give out to the world?

    If we cant beat you, we will pay you off :?
  12. Better that than 'we can't beat you but we'll keep doing the moving target thing for you until we finally pull out'.

    I don't care how the world sees it. I'd rather see every soldier that leaves Brize come home alive and with the same number of limbs and appendages as they had when they left than worry about that. If that means paying a very small (to us) amount of money out per month then so what?
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  13. It depends on if it's being spent on the hard core ideologues or the lads who signed up because it was that or see their kids starve.

    'Here you go Abdul, take £100 and keep your gun, do you promise not to shoot at squaddies anymore?' might not work but, 'Here you go Abdul, take £100 and keep your gun, do you promise not to shoot at squaddies anymore? By the way, we know where you live so just remember that' probably would for that sort.
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  14. I could of sworn I've read of this being tactic being employed against the Taliban before. Though it was without the keep your armaments and immunity nonsense.