Taliban Tightens Grip Near Northern Pakistan Border

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Taliban Tightens Grip Near Northern Pakistan Border
    Friday 25 July 2008

    by: Jackie Northam, NPR News

    In Pakistan, Taliban militants have tightened their grip on three sides of Peshawar, a strategic city of 3 million people near the frontier with Afghanistan.

    The fourth and remaining side includes a major highway leading to Pakistan's capital city of Islamabad, just a 90-minute drive away.

    Many people say the chaotic streets of Peshawar have become unsafe - there are regular reports of Taliban militants in pickup trucks roaming the streets at night and entering mosques and universities during the day.

    Women are being told to cover up, and men are warned not to shave. Merchants selling movies and music CDs are also being threatened by Islamist militants.
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  2. Nice. The last thing the world needs is for this war to spread directly into Pakistan!
  3. Being actually waiting for this to happen,without a firm grip in this area, by Pakistan. Its been just a matter of time.
  4. And if NATO would have to do something about Taliban-Pakistan (very likely under the circumstances) UK would have to face an internal problem from its large and proactive Pakistani community...
  5. Realy :roll:

    ISI have been at the root of a lot of problems, while i never use wiki as a single source its not bad as a research starting point...do a little reading Domovoy might open your eyes to the big bad world :roll:
  6. Why would I need Wiki if I can read your posts?
  7. This even if it is from 'Sky'

    'Alistair Bunkall, Sky News reporter
    The Pakistani Foreign Minister has told Sky News that British and American troops would not be welcome in Pakistan.'

    Not good which ever way you look at it...may we all live in interesting times anyone?
  8. Might not be UK or USA troops Pakistan has to worry about, i cannot see India standing by, if the Taliban start spreading through Pakistan.
  9. Ok, Peshawar is a problem, and a proper one for more than one reason. It's strategically vital, sitting on top of the Khyber Pass, and is the gateway to Pakistan and the capital of NWF province. It has also been the gathering point for the more bloodthirsty, since 18longtime. Lots of refugees , all easily to assimilate into the cause. If you lose Peshawar to the radicals , you can say goodnight to Northwest and Western Pakistan.

    But hasn't this been going on for some time, and hasn't the area already been sorted once before?
  10. Musharraf is very unpopular for many different reasons which makes his support for US/UK even more of a red rag to fast radicalising Pakistani society; add to it Afghani in all but name Peshawar and Taliban-Pakistan is a very likely scenario. In this situation US/UK would do well to distance themselves from Musharraf and Pakistan to cool off the emotions inside the country, unfortunately its almost impossible with Peshawar playing its part in the war in Afghanistan. Realistically we can face another Indian/Pakistan conflict with serious consequences since both are nuclear powers now; with US/UK behind the scenes. Speak now of "war on terror"...
  11. It maybe of course that if the Taliban get to control Peshawar, with I understand, about 3 million inhabitants they will have a lot on their plate and it may prove to be counter productive. Locals may rise up against the extremism of the Taliban giving them an internal security problem! It has been muted that the Taliban are on the verge of taking over the whole of the NWPA and they would then become a state within a state. If indeed Pakistan ever did control this area. This may of course lesson the difficulties of Nato striking back in this area should it wish to do so. Whatever it seems to have the potential of turning into a real dogs dinner.
  12. Forget Iran and N. Korea, a nuclear armed Taliban just doesn't bear thinking about.

    I seriously hope the UN (ha!) or NATO work with Pakistan and get a grip on this soon before it's too late, or we really will be in the ratshite.
  13. Must... resist... joke... must... resist... joke...

    Yes, we called it the Durand Line. A place that unstable needs a firm mind and unflapable character. Somebody like Roos-Keppel. But, of course, we're not allowed to say anything good about the Empire these days, are we?
  14. UN -- yes, but not NATO, even though both organisations are essentially in US pocket... Seeing NATO working with Pakistan even closer that it does now have a potential to worsen the whole situation.