Taliban swapping sides?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bernster, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. According to the honourable puppy Clegg the Taliban are swapping sides! Now I have served but never in Afg so my knowledge is limited about the latest up to date
    Int. However this sounds like the first sowing of seeds for our withdrawal of troops in 2015. I would wager that even if the Taliban had swapped sides it would only be a change of tactics on their part on route to their perceived victory over the West. On a similar note see the pull out of Iraq is going well only 51 deaths This this week and a nice vacuum being created for the insurgents to fill, what price Desert storm 4 the sequel
  2. If you've seen the southpark episode when they change the flag and two parties split over that the flag is racist vs the flag is tradtional and the kkk get involved they get convinced no one likes them so to win the debate they should support the 'the flags racist' so everybody hates that side thus voting for their side

    its complicated but funny as hell

    my point is maybe the taliban are joining are side to win this 'battle of hearts and minds' by making people hate the british because the taliban are our 'buddys'
  3. You can't talk about the Taliban as if they are one unified force. They are a myriad of different tribes, drug barons, bored kids, pissed off farmers and religious fanatics.

    What does he mean by the Taliban are changing sides? Does that mean a couple of tribes? Some kids who realise they will get more money fighting with the government? either way, I doubt there is some large scale exodus to the government side (Then again, I've never been there so maybe I'm wrong)
  4. More political spin, I'm afraid:

    Afghanistan campaign 'turning the corner' says Nick Clegg - Telegraph

    What he's actually saying is: 'Yep, well done for sacrificing yourselves to budge a bit of space in the country so Karzai could fully seize power. We can't afford you anymore so we're pulling out, but you (meaning 'David and me') should get full credit for the work that you ('Callmedave and I') have done out here. Let's hear it for the troops ('Coalition')!'
  5. maybe the b*sterds might devolop some backbone and that don't use cowardly tactics like IED's and implanting corrupt ANA/ANP to wage war...

  6. Why would they possibly want to stop doing what has made them so successful?
  7. I'm in agreement. If the World's forces descended on me and my country with a will to end all my business dealing, however improper, I'd be using everything in my power to get rid of them too. And I wouldn't be so bloody nice about it either.

    They know they'd be slaughtered in a fire fight so they're using their knowledge of the land, guerilla tactics and national allegiance to scrap back.
  8. is it working tho? compared to the loss of british forces as i don't know the number of afganistian losses as the news dosent report on anything bloody eles
  9. Do losses matter to them though?. Life is cheap and babies plentyful.
  10. compared to the loss of (US) forces as i don't know the number of (Vietnamese) losses as the news didn't report on anything bloody eles

    compared to the loss of (German) forces as i don't know the number of (Russian) losses as the news etc...

    I hope you get my point?
  11. Because fighting men with flip flops and aks with fast jets and unmaned drones is fair is it? Lol get real war is war its only us in the west that dont realise that.
  12. Bribe the Barstewards.
    Say a quarter of the yearly cost. Claim Victory and sit back.