Taliban stone young couple to death for adultery in northern Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. <reasonable_on>Their perception of us is that we're at it (adultery) 7/24. What bigots find hard to deal with (and not just Moslem ones) is that you can disapprove of, say, adultery, without killing anyone.</reasonable_off

    Wonder what they'd make of the current thread ref. shagging one's mate's other half?
  2. I must be getting hardened to this kind of shite...my first thought was like the OP, at least they stoned the bloke too!!
  3. Just out of curiosity, other than Muslim "related" (acknowledging that some ARRSERs go quite rabid unless you account for those who are not "real" Muslims or are otherwise using Islam as an excuse for various acts of barbarity since according to their asserted better knowledge of the nuances of that faith, "true" Muslims would never ever do such things), where in the world are adulterers being killed (other than by a jealous mate perhaps)?
  4. Savages! Stoned to death as a punishment for playing away. I cannot remember which thread it was on but the author was correct when he/she said moderate Islam only exists in the west and most of that only exists in the minds of our politicians
  5. Oh dear, I fear you're raving.
  6. You will have a better chance of emptying the North Atlantic with a teaspoon than 'educating' these folk to behave in way that is different to their interpretation of their religion!
  7. Of course you can. Any civilised person knows that. It's also the reason that many Muslims move to more reasonable countries.
  8. I think you'll find that's true of any religion. Take a visit to Bible Belt America!
  9. As a Guardian reader, I feel it incumbent upon me to to state that we msut respect the customs and traditions of our friends and neighbours in the Muslim faith. It would be inappropriate to proselytise in any form or fashion in any attempt to change those traditions, which in both their environment and ours are as valid as ours. This is the spirit of diversity and mulitculturism, and if you disagree, you're a racist. You bastard.
  10. To be honest you do not have to travel as far; a quick squint at the goings on of some 'faiths' in the West of Scotland will amuse for hours. Hence my dislike of religions in general and those who actively try to convert in particular.
  11. Social Worker Walt.
  12. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It is as a Guardian reader (& subscriber ;-)) that I feel incumbent upon myself to point out that this is a cutural practice and not truely part of Islam - it behoves us once more to encourage those more egalitarian scholars and preachers of the faith to stand up and once more push the back these degradative and ignorant interpretations of the Religion of Peace :wink: The suppression of women through any form is barbaric as is the unnecessary taking of life. This the spirit of lefty egalitarianism saying that whiskeyb is spouting opinionated drivel again and wonders if he actually reads the Guardian or just based his perceptions of its content on what others tell him to believe :tongue:
  13. Assuming the question wasn't rhetorical, I was in Sukhumi a few years back in a dingy little bar sipping a luke warm lager (Baltica Troika) when an unholy shitstorm of a firefight broke out in the city. None of the barstaff batted an eyelid, and when I had finished my beer I went home in my armoured Landrover.

    I learnt the next day that it was a 20 year-old vendetta that had manifested itself on the streets of Sukhumi. Only two dead and a few injured. The vendetta concerned a man from one family who had married a woman from another against their wishes. In the 1970s. Apparently this sort of thing happened every now and again, hence the blasé attitude of the locals.

    I can imagine that in some latin parts of the world (and Liverpool) adultery or unnaproved marriages are treated with equal violence, but we find it easier, for obvious reasons, to stomach a gunfight than a stoning.

    Oh yes, and slavery was a well established practise in the region as well.
  14. I take your point and defer to your tribal knowledge but my instincts--call me jaded--tell me the intent of the other post was, as not surprisingly were some of the others, was to conflate Christianity with such practices. While I readily concede that there have been such things in the past, I remain unaware of their contemporary existence and await the evidence of same. I also make a distinction, while perhpas not as apt in the examples you posit, between "tribal norms" and those of a national government implementing what at least some who know more of such things, "sharia" law.