Taliban Stone Lovers to Death

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Spanner, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. Yep. Many a time have I heard In Vino Veritas, Ex Colonial and Jagman say "you know what?" "that sharia lark ain't that bad, I'll give it a go"
  2. Isn't this an old news item? From oh, about August of last year? No less horrific for it but still, I wonder why you feel the need to post it. Perhaps to show the disturbing video...colour me disturbed.

    Sharia Law is as far removed from a good thing as it is possible to be, I think. Although, Sharia Law courts are legal and used within the UK too
  3. An appropriate death for Kiddy-Fiddlers, Rapists and Murderers. This "crime" of two human beings either having a purley sexual relationship, or something deeper, like affectionate love, and being primitively executed for excercising their basic human rights. This sums up the whole sorry ethics of that Race, ISAF have wasted 9 years of attempted education of these Cavemen, 99 years still would not suffice.
  4. Could be applied to chavs in our cities. I mean what is wrong with having a shag? compared to what chavs do, none of them can speak for a start, and thats from a Belast resident.
  5. :biggrin: I'll have you know I consider myself a liberal type of fella at heart.
  6. Me and abdul are off to wife slapping classes if you want a lift. :)
  7. Are you going by 4 wheels or Carpet?
  8. Don't say 'Jehova'
  9. 6 of us on a Honda 50 more like.
  10. All things considered, I'll make my own way there. But thanks for the offer!
  11. Bloody liberals.
  12. This is just an example of the Great Satan America's propaganda. We all know that islam is the religion of peace and tolerance and if you don't agree you'll be killed.
  13. The crime was last August, but the story is in today's Telegraph.
  14. I know I should be outraged or disgusted but I honestly could not care less.

    Bunch of Afghanis get together to chuck some rocks at folk who lets face it could not have been to bright to start with all things considered.

    Though some of them rocks looked quite big do they have a standard of rock or can you chuck whatever is laying around on the ground