Taliban spies 'in British Army bases'

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by singha61, Aug 28, 2010.

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  1. Telegraph
    Taliban spies are operating in British Army bases in Afghanistan, a former commander in the region has warned.
    Colonel Richard Kemp said the Islamist insurgents have a "very, very extensive network of intelligence" and suggested that they often have more knowledge of the movements of visiting foreign dignities than officials realise.

    The former commander in Afghanistan was speaking after the Daily Telegraph reported that Downing Street had been urged to review its security protocols after theTaliban tried to bring down David Cameron’s helicopter during a visit to the region June.

    Taliban spies 'in British Army bases' - Telegraph
  2. Am I alone in getting extremely tired of the ex Col Kemp popping up all over the place, spouting shite in order to further his second career?

    I have no means of knowing whether he is correct or not, but it seems that every time there is some kind of minor story, this guy seems to appear from nowhere. He's as bad as bloody Bob Stewart popping up in every tenuous story going.

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    whats new everyone knows they have dickers in the camps.it doesnt help when you have bellends gobbing off in camp though.........loose lips sinks ships!
  4. it's hardly "news". it's someone stating the bleeding obvious to a journalist.
  5. Why is there such surprise, didnt the Soviets have loads of spies in all our bases in Germany in the "Cold war"?
  6. Not only were Taliban spies operating in UK bases, but also, overweight ex colonels were spouting shite in the tabloids.
  7. Its ISAF policy, its called AFGHAN FIRST.
  8. Well I would be very suprised if they did'nt. I only wish we had spies in their camps!!

  9. And kebab shops
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Can we not keep the johnnies out of our camps, and in camps next door or something?
  11. Yes, move them across the border to Wales.
  12. Who drives the wagon that waters the roads around Bastion? Afghan.
    Who fill the Jerricans on the BFI in Bastion? Afghan.
    Who picks up the rubbish around Bastion? Afghan.
    Who cuts your hair outside the Naafi in Bastion2? Afghan.
    Who drives the fuel tankers bringing fuel to certain FOB's? Afghan.
    Im afraid if we want to get the Afghans onside then giving them jobs like above, admittedly not in our eyes the best but to them and the money that goes with it, has to be done.
    And they do this at great risk to themselves in certain cases.
  13. As CH5120 states above, many Afghans provide valuable and needed services to us and our allies. Most I would argue are very happy to help us and do what they can to keep themselves in employment so that their families can eat and have a better life. There may be some that are only too happy to pass on what information they can to the enemy, though as conditions improve and they can see the benefit we bring they will come round. I'd say our biggest isue will be intimidation and blackmail against those who work for us. Until we can provide security to the wider community, it will always be easy to scare a third party into passing information over.
  14. and perhaps they could still do their jobs as LECs e.g. cleaning - as long as all Afghans have really long arms like Mr Tickle? :)

  15. Must have been a quiet news day. Spies?! Used against an enemy?! In a war?!
    Will tomorrow's headline be - "British Army using live ammunition against Taliban" or - "Tanks are heavy" ?
    Why do they waste newsprint on the bleeding obvious and dress it up as if its a surprise?