Taliban shoot at us one minute, we fly them to hospital

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. 'Taliban shoot at us one minute, we fly them to hospital the next' ... Life with the US airborne medics

    By Alex Gardiner
    Last updated at 10:45 PM on 09th August 2008

    Terrorism analyst and former SAS member ALEX GARDINER has just spent a week in Afghanistan with America's Dust Offs - the helicopter teams who bring the wounded and dying out of battle. Here, he relives the terror of his trip and the heroism of the crews who risk everything to save friend and foe alike.

    It's 43C (109F) in the shade at Afghanistan's Bagram Air Base when the nine-liner, the military equivalent of 999, comes in. Within three minutes the airborne medics of 31 Delta, Charlie Company, 6th Aviation Battalion are loaded into their Black Hawk helicopter.

    Fifty yards away is our armed escort, the Black Hawk Chase Bird, call sign Grim Six. It has a picture of the Grim Reaper, cloak flowing and scythe aloft, painted on its fuselage.
    More on the link Worth a read
  2. Hey, it's not unlike our enemy to take advantage of all our civilised morals and principles - just look at the scroungers hanging on to benefits and free accomodation in the UK. Never mind, salute, turn to the right, crack on!
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well,for a start Terry Taliban would quite happily chop us up into pieces (and other unspeakable things) if they got one of us,wounded or worse, so as far as I'm concerned let them die screaming.
    But I suppose if you save them then you are denying them entry into paradise (or whatever the sh1te is) so they wont achieve martyrdom.That'd pish TT off big styley!
    But since I'm a crab who has never been to Iraqistan (closest I got was S A in Granby) I'm just going on my gut instinct,certainly our lads & lassies who have & are (doing a stirling job against insurmountable odds I might add) going to the sandpit may know better.
  4. Captured Taliban are a useful intelligence resource.
  5. It's what makes the difference between us and them
  6. Too true. We will always be better than them as they have no respect for life - not even of their own kind. These cowards quite happily strap bombs to kids and send them out to die. :x

    They may believe they're going to paradise - but as far as I'm concerned they're going straight to hell.

    Maybe all the captured Taliban should be castrated. They can then go to heaven as enuchs - not much use having virgins then. :wink:
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Having read 'The interrogators War' by Chris Mackey, and seeing just how useless the American MI/Mil Plod/MI6 were at getting any decent intelligence out of the Talibs, I am somewhat sceptical as to this statement. The standard format answer from everybody in the wake of the initial surge was 'I am a farmer, forced to fight', or the old chestnut 'I was on a religious pilgrimage in Pakistan, got lost and was captured by the Taliban' (the latter from the Brummie terrorists who comically got away from Gitmo without charge). These jihadi's rarely impart any useful intel, partially because they are not in the upper echelons of command and would not know anyway, but mostly because they would rather eat their own faeces than give the time of day to a kuffir. As they (mistakenly) believe they are guaranteed paradise either way, why would they want to help the Septics or us?
  8. I wouldn't believe everything you read in books.
  9. Hey, you can always hand the Tipton Taliban back to the ANA for more "interviewing"......as they are in the country illegally, think it's up to the Afghan Govt to arrange their onwards deportation?
  10. On a lighter note, top bloke old Alex Gardiner, ex-Jackets as well as "them" and my baloon banana in Ballymurphy in 74/75! Glad to see he's not on the dole, drinking 5 litres of Frosty Jack each day and wandering the streets in his pyjamas shouting at buses. (like me!) :wink:

  11. Very true. As a fringe benefit it also makes the claims of UK fanatics that the British army is out there to slaughter muslims even more ridiculous (except to the willfully ignorant of course).
  12. I concur, in fact I'd go further and say that in the context of influence operations (both Afghanistan and domestic) it's extremely important that we demonstrate the difference between our values and theirs.

  13. But aren't all of their supporters willfully ignorant :x

    I do agree that showing humanity sets our civilisation apart. We must not lower ourselves...
  14. 'the old chestnut 'I was on a religious pilgrimage in Pakistan, got lost and was captured by the Taliban' (the latter from the Brummie terrorists who comically got away from Gitmo without charge).'

    Not just Brummie terrorists - 'Brighton's own Guantanamo detainee' (local papers' description, not mine) Omar Deghayes used the same excuse, also saying that he'd gone to Afghanistan because 'he found it difficult to practice his religion in Britain'. Despite not being a British citizen and only having resided here for a few years, Brighton rent-a-cause made a big fuss (aided and abetted by the local paper) and he was one of those recently flown back at taxpayers expense.

    I now believe he is trying to sue the British Government for 'complicity' in his capture - nothing like showing your gratitude, is there?
  15. Depends.

    I work with some muslims. 3 to be exact. 1 seems to be a supporter of AQ but I am not certain. However, when he makes childish claims, I like to take the piss and point out that the ANA are muslims and "we" aint killing them, etc. etc.

    This has 0 effect upon hardliner fundy eejits, but the moderates notice. Only the moderates are convertible BTW.

    What do you think?