Taliban says ready for talks with Afghan government

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Yes. It is the only way to resolve the crisis.

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  2. Rather yes. It could work.

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  3. Not sure, but why not to try?

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  4. Rather no. It is waste of time.

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  5. We the British should resolve all problems by sword without any negotiations.

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  6. The Afghans have right do whatever they want in their country.

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  1. I didn't vote on this because I am struck by two answers wwhich are appropriate.

    First, and most important, it is the Afghans country and their chooice is paramount, however as KGB Ressie puts it

    "Rather yes. It could work"
  2. The fighting bit is just to make sure the eventual deal includes the Pashtun agreeing to no AQ bases in Afg imo.
  3. Promising news, hope they go ahead.
  4. Standard 'Tactic' for all Guerilla Groups when things start to go wrong.
    Offer 'Peace' talks, buy time, retrain and requipe and then break off talks due to 'Governemnt' Intransigence.
    IRA did it a coupleof times, Tamil Tiger's favourite policy and memory says Viet Cong used same tactic.
    Mind you One day folk will have to sit down and talk.
  5. Agreed, but we ought to give it a shot at least

    At the very least, it could serve to fracture the Taliban and get some of their membership to defect
  6. This nearly broke them, hope the same can happen in AFG.
  7. Good point J-W but we can still carry on hunting them down while we talk so maybe worth a try in the hope it helps?

    Its a tough call though innit. They're obviously a very dangerous bunch and most of them are quite happy to fight to the death, very much different to the the IRA...
  8. Highly doubt it. Could be a time buying tactic. Not because they are losing but because they need time to 'consolidate.' I am willing to bet that if we continue on the same ignorant path that we seem to be headed down on, the Taliban will be stronger this time next year than they are now.
  9. keeping attacking while they are talking, that would put pressure on them.

    the meetings canbe a useful to help to ID the leaders.
  10. While I know the ACF/CCF don't have an intelligence gathering capability, are you stupid enough to believe that ISAF/NATO/SIS/CIA/every man and his dog in Afghanistan don't already know the leaders?

    The people who would represent the Taliban at any talks are already known and 'public' figures. They were the open and declared government in Afghanistan for several years (or had that slipped your mind?).

    The problem NATO has is identifying the 'little people': the foot soldiers and junior officers who live in amongst the civpop and ferment unrest and plant mines etc before fading back into the croud.