Taliban remains lethal

Taliban remains lethal

The Taliban yesterday served chilling notice on the governments of President Hamid Karzai, Britain and the United States that it still has the capability to strike at will, even in the heart of the most protected security zone in Kabul. The lethal demonstration at the height of Afghanistan's premier military parade cost the insurgents a handful of volunteers. It cost Karzai's already-fragile administration incalculable amounts in credibility and dignity in the scramble to flee the main reviewing stand. Bursts of automatic fire from rifles smuggled through checkpoints tore apart the illusion of central control of the Afghan capital in full view of the world's media. That failure of security will not go unnoticed by Nato member countries already reluctant to commit men and material to a campaign that could last generations and which has so far defied conventional definitions of victory or defeat. There have been predictions in recent weeks that the Taliban and allies were a spent force. Even seasoned British commanders have said that the 5000 insurgent casualties in 2007 would make a renewal of the traditional spring campaign a non-starter. Instead of courageous but doomed attempts to confront western troops head-on, the Taliban would resort to roadside bombs and individual suicide attacks. It is a prediction that may come back to bite those who should know better, as the infiltration of yesterday's celebration of the end of communist rule in 1992 proved.
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I've heard from one or two other media sources that those Taliban chappies can still be quite nasty if you tug their beards and insult their mams.

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