Taliban release video of capture US soldier

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by beemer007, Dec 25, 2009.

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  1. Have the bas tards taken his IPOD?
  2. I hope they treat him ok, they don't want to bring down the wrath of shiner and the human rights brigade!
  3. The Head Chaplain is right isn't he. Lots to admire about the Taleban.......

    Lets hope that the lad gets home soon.
  4. All joking aside, I remember an American commentator calling the Royal Marines who were captured 'w@nkers' and opinioning that 'US servicemen would rather have their teeth kicked down their throats than co-operate with the enemy' (or words to that effect). Given what this bloke has said on the video (if it is indeed him), then I trust that that gobsh1te and others like him will eat their words....
  5. Although our Marines have a habit of surrendering.
  6. The word habit indicates a repetitive behavioural pattern, perhaps you would care to elaborate on this "habit"?
  7. It's a habit similar of that where Paras banter about Marines.

    And I would say that had something to do with it.
  8. Not really. Can't be bothered.
  9. I remember that as well, but the guy was USMC and he was talking about his Marines, and they hate the US Army more than I've ever seen different branches of the same nations armed forces ever hate each other.

    So I doubt he'd change his mind, although his version of the average Jarhead doesn't really stand up to reality.
  10. The commentator was called Ralph Peters. When this poor guy was captured he stated that the Taliban should just kill him.

    Nice man.

  11. That wasn't the guy I was thinking of, the article I read was from a serving USMC officer saying that his marines would rather die than get captured, I can't find the article though.
  12. Depends who's doing the capturing really. Iran aren't likely to pull your fingernails under the world's spotlight - but the Taliban are capable of far, far worse. Any sane person would put a bullet in their own skull before being captured.
  13. He used W@ANKERS? funny not an American term. There is though something very odd about this incident. He left the Base sans Weapon, Body Armor, Helmet, Webbing and took a gerber tool and 3 bottles of water with him. He wasn't captured on Patrol.
  14. Ralph Peters?

    Is it the same one that wrote that sh1te book about the Rooskies winning WWIII?