Taliban/Pakistan confirmation



As if it were needed, but brazenly public, here is a link between Pakistan government, pak army and the Taliban.

BBC News - Rare Taliban praise for Pakistan's Maulana Abdul Ghani

The Taliban in Afghanistan have issued an unprecedented condolence statement on the death of a top right-wing Pakistani politician.

Maulana Abdul Ghani died in a car crash on 26 October in the southern Pakistani province of Balochistan.

It is the first time that the Taliban have publicly admitted receiving help from members of Pakistan's ruling establishment.

Maulana Ghani's JUI-F political party has close links to Pakistan's military.

It was part of the governing coalition until earlier this year.

Pakistan's leadership has always denied any links to the Taliban.

But a Taliban spokesman told the BBC in a statement that Maulana Ghani - a deputy leader of the JUI-F - was a "martyr for the cause of jihad" - and it would be difficult to replace him.
I assume this was a very well planned car crash and an excellent but potentially very dangerous move by the Septics.

Obamas balls are growing by the day in my view, having the guts to go into Pakistan for Bin Laden, deciding to stop telling the Pakistan government when/where UAV's will be striking, and now this (assuming, of course). Hats off to the guy.
I think Obama is trying to stop giving intel to Pakistan.
Like you just stated, the taliban were "recieving help from Pakistans ruling establishment".

There I do believe, it's becoming to risky to give them important intelligence.

Just my silly two cents though.
It's the worst kept secret in that part of the world, that Pakistan is linked to the Afghan TB. In fact I don't reckon it's been a "secret" for years. Indeed, even members of the Pakistan government have publicly stated there are members within the government,Army and ISI who are involved with the Afghan TB as well as other extremist groups in the are. Nobody within PK are denying links do exist. What they deny is that Pakistan provides g2, logistics, training and financial support to the ATB, as a national policy. Ministers, PM's and Generals can put their hand on the Quran all day long and deny Pakistani govt links with the TB and Allah will still let them in the garden. The BBC's latest documentary whilst trying to be at the edge of intelligence and military hear say, is nothing but years old. There was nothing within it which plenty of blokes on the ground who have served at a brigade level and sat through the endless G2 updates haven't already known for years. The fact former members of the CIA speak as though we should all be shocked and awed by this "reveleation" says more about the geniuine abilities of the CIA and the quaility of their sources than anything else. Lets move on....
Pindi supporting various brands of Terry has been an open secret in Pakistan for decades. What's different is very senior Septics are now talking about this in public rather than bumming up their "valuable ally in the GWOT" as was the drill until recently.

Now this could just be the result of pent up frustration about being shafted by Pindi for a decade or as with Iraq shifting blame for failures but Pakistan, after surviving 9-11 with minimal blaming, is increasingly being presented to the US public in a rather similar way to Iran and Iraq before it. It's probably more deserving of that role than either of them.

That connection won't be lost on some heavily medalled chaps in Pindi nor how another, often braided "valuable ally in the GWOT" was rewarded recently.

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