Taliban own goal

Oh dear...

Fourteen militants died in Afghanistan's increasingly war-torn north when explosives detonated prematurely in a minibus bomb being rigged by Taliban fighters, police said.

"Fourteen Taliban placing explosives into a minivan for terrorist activities were killed yesterday evening when the bomb went off," said Abdul Rizaq Yaqubi, police chief of northern Kunduz province.

"The bomb exploded while they were working to build a car bomb."

The incident happened near Kunduz city in the north, where Taliban-linked violence has increased steadily as Afghanistan's insurgency reaches an eight-year high.


ABC News

I'm not sure why the rest of the world hasn't picked this story up yet, it only seems to be news in Oz and Pakistan.
I am gutted.

Why couldn't it have been a 54 seater?
If they score one like this, do they still get their 72 (or whatever) virgins? Or having naused it up, are they packed off to the hot place for an interview without coffee followed by a beasting from the Masked Bummer?
Well that is 14 coffins I would be quite happy for Islam4UK to parade around.
The Emperor works in mysterious ways.......................................
Nice one your Mongness!
I'm devestated...

Well I'm not really but they certainly are! :twisted:
:( gutted it was just the one 8O
they normally turn up in 3's and 4's here :twisted:

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