Taliban Jack wants you to know he watched the game last nigh

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Canader, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Hockey: It brings out the true colours in all Canadians, especially the politicians…

    Jack Layton spent the Olympic men's gold medal hockey game (we won!) at Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant, right in front of the bar, and right in front of CTV's cameras trained on the crowd there.

    Towards the end of the second intermission, just before going to commercial, CTV showed reactions to Canada's second goal from "across the country." And then, after a cut from a Nova Scotia crowd's reaction to the crowd at Gretzky's: magic. With wife Olivia Chow nearby, Layton celebrates the goal for just a second, before turning from the TV that's playing the game to face the CTV camera instead, trying to move his body out from behind those around him, and then—when a woman's arm raised in ecstatic celebration blocks his face from the shot—Layton takes his outstretched hand and, still smiling, grabs her arm and forces it down and out of the way as the shot fades out.

    Video of the moment in all its awkward glory, captured by our Christopher Drost, is above.

  2. That's really interesting, ay?
  3. It's "eh" - get it right.

    But no, it's not interesting, at all. Neither was the game, nor hockey. Hmmm... was that a knock at my door from the Canadian Secret Police? Brb...
  4. Look out, thin ice coming up you hoser...