Taliban insurgents admit they carried out the attack

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by splurge, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys

    I quote the sentence "Taliban insurgents admit they carried out the attack" from this news article. Across many similar articles about many similar incidents I see many similar sentences where Taliban are said to admit responsibility. Why dont we simply trace the Taliban's messages, deal with with them, and end the war?

  2. What paper do you work for again?
  3. The Beano?
  4. A) Because it's not a war, it's an asymmetric conflict.
    B) Because killing the spokesmen won't stop anything.
    C) Because the situation will only be resolved through dialogue.
    D) If you're going to quote this in your paper, I'm Kev Hughes. Anyone who remembers me from the AAC, PM me.
  5. Shit - Yeah, cheers for that We'll be sure to do that in future!

    SO far its only worked once though, when OBL sent out his VHS video press release in a jiffy postal bag with his business card inside, what a numpty, we'll have to hope for the same fortunate errors in the future!
  6. Im a genuine recruit. If the messages cant be traced how are they received?
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    kev hughes walt. **I'm** the real kev hughes.
  8. Email, phone calls, through intermediaries, it varies. It's not like the head of the Taleban pops into the office of the BBC's Afghan Service himself.
  9. Rather easily, I could send you an email or even a bog standard letter calling you a cunt and you would never be able to trace it.
  10. K thx everyone. I guess Ive just reiterated a big part of army policy.
  11. What has this to do with recruitment?
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  12. He wants to join the taliban.
  13. If you are a genuine recruit make sure you ask your training staff as many questions as you can. They'll respect you for having an inquiring mind and you'll be on the fast track to promotion. This works best with staff who wear a crown on their lower right sleeve and carry a stick a lot.
  14. No I guess those kind of articles work subconsciously to encourage reader interest in army affairs. ^will do thx.
  15. I'm Kev Hughes - and so's my wife!:biggrin: