Taliban hit by reversing mastiff

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by dpmrobbo, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. Afghan police have confirmed that a taliban spotter was run over and trapped between the wheels of a reversing Mastiff. The spotter is still alive and the police have asked the driver to come forward
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  2. I don't get it!
  3. Neither does anyone else.

    The thing about jokes, Robbo, is that they're supposed to be funny.
  4. I got it, would you like me to explain? You see the spotter is still alive and trapped under the wheels, the police have asked the driver to come forward which is a play on words; the joke is they want him to come forward in the mastiff and kill the spotter.
  5. Nooo you have it all wrong.

    It wouldn't be funny if he was killed by coming forward, they has to ensure that he reverses and pulls forward at least ten times. However the Commander of the vehicle would have to dismount to ensure that damage wouldn't accure to the vehicle. Now things also to consider would be if the Spotters motorbike was also under the vehicle .....oh sorry were in the jokes section...hahahahaha funny
  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...


    ...ha ha ha ha ha ...

    Nope, still not funny.
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