Taliban "General" gets the boot.

el Beeb said:
Taleban leader Mullah Omar has dismissed one of his top military commanders, Mansoor Dadullah, accusing him of not following orders.

Mansoor succeeded his elder brother Mullah Dadullah when he was killed in a joint Afghan/Nato operation in May.

He was the highest-ranking Taleban official to be killed since 2001.

A Taleban statement did not say how Mansoor Dadullah had disobeyed orders. But it said his associates should carry on with their duties as usual.

Mansoor Dadullah does not obey the rules of the Islamic emirate and violates it.

"Therefore it was decided not to appoint any post in the emirate to him,
the statement said.
Clicky thing

Maybe he had to go because his troops were getting hammered by people in wierd moustaches and santa hats?
Someone had to take blame for all those dead Pakistani that marched into Afghanistan this past year never to be heard from again.
I wonder if he'll go after this:

Mullah Omar himself has eluded capture by the Afghan and US authorities despite a multi-million dollar reward offer.
And I wonder if this will mean there is now a price on his head?

Meanwhile both the US and Afgan Forces believe that Mullah Omar has topped himself in a bid to claim the multi million dollar reward. :D

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