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Taliban "general" gets the boot.

el Beeb said:
Taleban leader Mullah Omar has dismissed one of his top military commanders, Mansoor Dadullah, accusing him of not following orders.

Mansoor succeeded his elder brother Mullah Dadullah when he was killed in a joint Afghan/Nato operation in May.

He was the highest-ranking Taleban official to be killed since 2001.

A Taleban statement did not say how Mansoor Dadullah had disobeyed orders. But it said his associates should carry on with their duties as usual.

Mansoor Dadullah does not obey the rules of the Islamic emirate and violates it.

"Therefore it was decided not to appoint any post in the emirate to him,
the statement said.
Clicky thing

Maybe he had to go because his troops were getting hammered by people in wierd moustaches and santa hats?

Edit to add - really ought to be in News so shoved there.
Fallschirmjager said:
Maybe he refused to bum kids.
Why would any general in his right mind refuse to do something like that?
Maybe it's part of a groundswell campaign by ordinary Terries to promote the Paramilitary Covenant. Perhaps they're hacked off at having to hand over their virgins to the next bloke on Pearly Gate Guard because there aren't enough to go round. Especially since cutbacks mean they only get 42 per man these days. Caves not being maintained to a suitable standard, Celestial Harmony Interval too short, you know the drill.
Idrach said:
Maybe he had to go because his troops were getting hammered by people in wierd moustaches and santa hats?
'Dad you lied to me, You Bastid!'

'What, my Son? What has you so upset?'

'You said there was no such thing as Father Christmas which is why we are Islamic'

'Yes, And?'

'Well sorry to blow your theory out of the water dear papa, but Santa Claus has just been carrying out section battle drills on the brothers.. and his Minime sure wasnt saying fukcing HO HO HO..'
Gen Terry didn't "get the boot", it was a size 8 flip-flop.

Oh, and someone bummed his favourite goat.

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