Taliban fundraisers use fake UK Charity in High Wycombe

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. In full

  2. Perfect, now I never have to give to charity again, just in case you understand.
  3. Can we amend the laws of treason to pick up these scum and jail them?
  4. And the Gobment will have you believe they have enough MI5 officers in the UK. So how come it takes an 'untrained' reporter to uncover this?

    Presumably they will all get arrested and processed through our defunkt justice system. You know that down the line they will be roaming free in UK with even more money from the taxpayer for hurt feelings/illegal arrests etc.

    Meanwhile their families will still get additional benefits for some reason or another while living in a house paid for through ill-gotten gains.

    This country is a great example of democracy gone wrong, very wrong, because the gobment are NOT listening to the people who put it in power.

    It sucks! And it won't be long before it breaks.
  5. Sorry, no room in jail....... and for Allah's sake they are a sort of charity, on the bread-line with only a 350k house.....NOT :evil: Death!

    (an I allowed to say death or does that make me a bad person :? Any chance of a charity for me :D )
  6. If our treason laws need amending to allow a British subject collecting money for weapons to fight British troops, then our politicians need shooting, not the traitors.

    Treason Act 1351

    The Taliban are the enemy; he is giving them aid and comfort; Afghanistan is elsewhere - all we need is to prove that a NoTW journo is a person within the definition of the act. That may be the hard bit.

    Disclaimer: Nothing in the above opinion should be read as rejecting the idea of shooting politicians as a matter of principle as opposed to necessity.
  7. Ok lets (not) hope some skinheads put him in ICU then.

  8. Deport them.... But give them an AK (no rounds) as a present and drop them off about 50 meters from a sangar at Bastion. Lads would be queuing up for stag with entertainment like that!

    Targets will fall when hit!

    T C
  9. I'll check, but I'm pretty sure all the Treason Acts were repealed in 1997...

    Edit: Wrong! Looks like the 1351 Act may still be in force, though the 1814 Act (as amended in 1998) changes the punishment to life imprisonment.

    Interestingly, it is not treason to kill the Prime Minister, although it is to kill the Chancellor. Gordon might have been unwise to leave his old job...
  10. Yes - if you go to the statute law site - www.statutelaw.gov.uk - you will see the current (or nearly so) versions of any law - any bits that have been amended or repealed are made clear. Hence, when you check the 1351 Act, you'll see that the penalties (which were, let's be honest, quite severe) are not mentioned.
  11. As I understand it

    It is an offence (Misprision of Treason) to fail to report knowledge of treason or to report plans to commit treason.

    Any act which, with intent, would weaken or tend to weaken the ability of the Realm to resist an enemy is treason.

    This is why sabotage falls into Treason Law if there is an element of intent.

    I laid Common Law informations against senior police who had refused to record crime complaints of Treason by Sabotage but who went on to try to stop a report, called for by PSNI Special Branch, from being despatched.

    The senior police then happened to retire suddenly.

    I would say that Treason Law applies to the scam which is subject of this thread.

    for matters of national security we can suspend the Human Rights Act. hence we could hang a person convicted of treason.

    In fact (although this was before 98 when there was the death penalty available) I did say that if I was unemployed at the time certain senior police would be convicted (stealing evidence at a terrorist bomb scene being just one of the allegations) I would hang them myself. provided I could do it free so as not to compromise my benefits position and so long as I could do pull ups on their ankles.
  12. Blow it, let's have hanging, drawing and quartering back for this case (or possibly the Judas Chair or any of Torquemada's other playthings). If the jihadis want to get medieval, then why can't we?
  13. how dare anyone stop a muslim collecting money to help kill British soldiers.
  14. I'm High Wycombe born and bred, I can't believe there are people able to do this on my doorstep. As harsh as it sounds I think a conviction under treason laws (assuming this guy is is a British citizen) with the traditional sentence would go a long way to keep the rest of his ilk from funding the enemy (assuming that the "great and the good" allow us to call the taleban the enemy).
  15. Have we got a name and address?

    I'll put up £100 towards costs for arresting and prosecuting this worm. I will help with the arrest. I have sensible connections who can help. (I. E. not the BNP etc.)

    Anybody else want to put some money up?