Taliban debating whether to end Afghan war: expert

Taliban debating whether to end Afghan war: expert

HALIFAX -- A debate is underway among the Taliban's senior leadership about finding ways to end the war in Afghanistan, and the Western coalition should pursue peace talks with moderate leaders of the insurgency, says the man widely considered to have the closest contacts, of any Westerner, with the Taliban.

Michael Semple - a Dari-speaking, former European Union diplomat to Afghanistan, who has spent years building ties and talking to Afghans and members of the Taliban - says a political solution, in concert with renewed military resolve, is the only way to end the war and stabilize South Asia.

"The good news is: There are people involved in the insurgency who have their own version of the kinds of debates )on the best future strategy) that we've had in Western countries over the past few months, who are well aware of the costs imposed on Afghanistan by continuing the conflict . . . that want to bring this thing to an end.

"The bad news is that, currently, they've got a weak hand inside the insurgent movement."
Makes sense to me to a point.
Some have argued that there's a danger that the constant promotion-by-Predator within the Taliban hierarchy has been delaying this outcome; that nascent Taliban politicians are just being slotted by teenage USAF privates at a desk in Arizona before they can ever reach the negotiating table.
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