Taliban complain to the UN about excesive force?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by conco, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. Listening on BFBS and cannot believe the news about the Taliban complaining about the loss of life of their fighters (oh and a few civilians) to the UN, due to excessive force by ISAF?
    Its to do with the fuel tankers that the Taliban stole and when the Taliban were rejoicing the theft the Yanks bombed them killing approximately 50 Taliban!
    How stupid are these people? Excessive force my ARRSE! Were they using the drugs they sell? But hey its ok to use suicide bombers and car bombs?
    Ok Mr Taliban the next time we will use 500lb bombs instead of 1000lb bombs so we wont be accused of using excesive force!
    Role on the next mass culling of these idiots! :? 8O
  2. How stupid are these people? Not as stupid as the UN who will, in all probability, launch an investigation in abuse of their human rights! :x
  3. Isn't there some story from the 1990s about Terence creating a fairly sizeable bodycount when breaking up an egg fight?

    Just to keep things in perspective...
  4. And beheading the driver of the Tanker wasn't excessive force?

    Seems that Terry is getting a little reluctant to meet Allah.
  5. It is a sign that they are being taken too seriously as an organisatin that purports to represent the people and has their voice. Thin end of the wedge IMHO. Dead men tell no tales. Invite their leaders to a confrence to discuss their complaints regarding excessive use of force by ISAF and then slot them. Job done.
  6. Works for me, dirty stone age bAstards.
  7. How stupid are we for not realising that 'shock and awe' has a massive effect on this enemy?
  8. I thought this was a joke when i read the thread title.......the world has gone pc mad. How can the enemy complain about exessive force...... we are at war with them, what they think we should start using rubber bullets, or run around the yard playing tig?
  9. I think it's about time to bail out and nuke the whole of Afghanistan back to the beginning of time. They aren't far off already anyway.
  10. To the defeatists out there, look, the Taliban are actually a bit worried:-

    a)they're going "political" because they realise military victory isn't happening

    b)they're focussing on IED campaigns because they can't fight man a mano and win.
  11. didn't PIRA resort to the media (and usually won), the British govt seemed to always be caught flat footed - ie Gibraltar 1988, "Death on the Rock"?
  12. Or you could look at it as they are using their brains! Is it not better to fight and go political then just to fight? Is it not better to kill the enemy without putting yourself in danger?
  13. They will be taking their case to a tribunal next :roll:
  14. The Taliban complaining about excessive force, is like Jordan complaining she's getting too much c*ck!
  15. The problem is that if you look at the PIRA as the example, look at what going political has done for them...