Taliban chief is assassinated

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. Taliban chief who threatened to kill Prince Harry is assassinated
    The Taliban chief who threatened to slaughter Prince Harry has been killed by special forces soldiers.

    Marksmen “took out” Mullah Abdul Karim in an officially sanctioned assassination. Their mission was carried out on August 10, but details have only just been released by Australian military top brass.

    Taliban commander Mullah Karim gained notoriety last year by describing Prince Harry, then serving with the Household Cavalry in southern Helmand, as an “important chicken” and threatening to kill him. He had declared: “He is our special enemy.”
  2. Send Kennedy my regards in hell.

    The gene pool is having a good week.
  3. I hope Prince Harry was one of the marksmen.
  4. Good effort by the Aussies.
  5. I daresay Prince Harry would cheerfully have directed an airstrike onto the bastard himself, if he could.
  6. Well done the Aussies.

    One scumbucket less.
  7. Who needs suicide bombers when you have professional soldiers who can shoot straight...

    Nice job boys.


  8. yeah righty mate.
  9. Well, they might have lost the Ashes, but the month wasnt a complete write-off for the Ozzies!
  10. Good on em!!

  11. "Save Ammo. One Shot. One Kill" And do your pouch up.
  12. Maybe they could take the ashes of the Taliban chappy back instead :D

    You know to put in the Coy bar.

    Maybe start a worldwide shooting competition around it, or all the best shots of the various Armed Forces.
  13. Guffaw!!!
  14. What a topping idea!. Hartley, fetch me fowling piece. :eek:
  15. We need more details of this. Range, wind speed, weather and visibility, length of target exposure and stuff. :)