Taliban cellphone offensive

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by armchair_jihad, Oct 5, 2011.

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  2. Easy one for the Afghans - The ANA just needs to tell the manager "Turn off the tower and you're no better than the Taliban, so we'll do to you what we do to the Taliban but worse. Your sons will be married at 10 years old to your neighbour's goats, your daughters will be better educated than your sons, your poppy harvest will be burnt and your wife will be shoe-horned into a micro-bikini and made to hold hands in public with men who are not related to her."
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  3. Good lord!

    Are you really in in Hamburg?
  4. Tongue in cheek.

    As someone responsible for keeping the transmitter up and running ,when you receive 2 options:
    1. Switch the ferking thing off when I tell you or you're dead meat.
    2. Please keep it switched on old boy

    It's hardly surprising that option 1 is the favourite. Being as we can't improve on "do it or you're dead", the ANA/ISAF might think about giving the transmitters a bit more ferking cover.
  5. Or...automate the system forcing the Taliban to either destroy the towers or leave them alone? Place cellphone towers inside military bases which are prone to attack anyway? It would be interesting to know the extent to which this tactic is working; whether the locals suffer it for the greater good or whether they are turning their support to the Taliban.
  6. Alternatively of course, anyone who is found fiddling with the telephone system could be placed on the telephone fiddlers register and barred from working with telephones for an unspecified period. THAT"LL larn em!

    (also tongue in cheek)
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  7. every time the ISAF commanders mobile reception dips below 2 bars execute 5 prisoners. and 5 ANA, you can never be too careful.
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  8. Quite obviously Afghanistan needs to introduce ASBOs- do that and I predict the whole situation will end over night.
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  9. Absolutely! I suspect that you are a magistrate?
  10. Good god no! But that doesn't mean I'm not aware of how effective the whole ASBO scheme is.

    But in all seriousness, I would agree with a previous poster- stick the towers in the FOBs, job done.
  11. Yes, seriously, I agree. But whatever happened to tactical overview?
  12. Sounds like The Big Society in action. Nice one Dave.

  13. Seeing as Terry use the mobile network for their own dickers , isn't this a bit of an own goal ?
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Hows Chryle Cole gona get hold of that nice young lads she met?

    **** sake war is hell the tally bastards, fetch my bloody wellies
  15. Who?