Taliban bombs made with British electronics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dingerr, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. In Full.


    Can't see how they come to that conclusion. The spiders the Taliban use are bespoke circuit boards and are only capable of the one use. ICOM (used to initiate) is available world wide (although ICOM is a Brit based company).

    It is estimated that over 30,000 young muslims a year take a pilgrimage to Pakistan every year.
  2. I had a gander over this article earlier, and nor does it shock me if it is true.

    A few years ago when I was at college (In Birmingham) there were a fair few Muslim lads there that openly stated that they aggree with the Taliban/Al-Qeida, maybe a few of them were just trying to give it the large, but a few were being genuinly serious.

    4/5 years on it wouldn't suprise me if they were over there now in the sandpit.

    It's a shocker the way alot of these folk come to England, sponge/scrape, go to college and then University, and then carry on supporting terrorists claiming that they hate the West- yes, RAGE, different topic.

    *breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out..*
  3. Yep, why don't those particular types just stay away? That's posh for something much, much stronger of course.
    Really popular aint they :wink:
  4. Wow, do we still make stuff then? I thought that it had all been outsourced.
  5. If you can get that stuff here then you can get 1000 times that kind of stuff no questions asked in the electronic workshops of the far east.
  6. I think you may be missing the point.

    The electronic items are sourced from the UK. Ie hav a UK source stamp on them.

    If they came direct from the far east to Pakistan they would not have the €U stamp floating around. Kapish?

    Of course its always possible to create phony "electronic" bits, but someone somewhere has a fingerprint on the source.

    I dont think China or Hong Kong et al would like to be judged as the source of such items?????

    But then North Korea/ or IRAN ??????????????

    The call will be made when the US body bag count reaches riot level in the USA.

    So, until then the British will have a daily delivery of body bags to the UK. Yes, daily.
  7. The story is a load of bollix really, no sources quoted and doesn't have quite the same punch as "Frogs Deliver Exocets to Argentina" does it ?
  8. Again a bit of a storm in a teacup I reckon.

    The electronics to create a detanator are unbelievably easy, as are the components needed for a pressure plate, an electronic proximity fuse, IR actuated dets, mobile phone actuated dets, RC actuated etc, etc, etc.

    You have to remember that many UK manufacturers make breadboards, protoboards, plugboards, whatever you want to call them that are basically bare PCB's that electronics can be easily added to. The breadboard will probably have "made in the UK" or "Made in the EU" stamped on it. Doesn't mean that the end product was made in either.

    When I was doing my HND in Electronic Engineering (not blowing my trumpet but just to explain, that is basically a Diploma in all things electronic), we regularly sourced the "bare boards" (also known as a "breadboard", basically imagine any PCB that you have ever seen without any of the little gadgets attached to it) from RS (edited to add as none electronic geeks may not know what RS is. It's an electronics supermarket that can be found in any major city in the UK, Europe, the US, the Far East and pretty much any other commercial society in the world) . They usually had "made in the EU" or "made in the US" or "made in China" stamped on them. I could turn one of these into anything from a radio to a pressure plate.

    Smggling the fully made item into Pakistan would just be downright stupid. Any half trained labourer with a fine tipped soldering iron could make them in the back streets of Kabul. ICOM technolgy is civilian and easily obtainable from anywhere in the world, I reckon I could knock up an ICOM initiated detonator in half an hour and could have ordered the components from a list of 50 or 60 countries. If it wasn't ICOM then it could be one of a million other things.

    In the world of electronics, throwing the blame at one manufacturer is just plain daft. If ICOM is being used, it's just because whoever was / is buying it either gets a good bulk order price or that it was the first one to pop up on Google.

    Edited to explain RS to the none geeks
  9. I would also add the following:

    1. Pakistan has built an Atomic Weapon.

    2. Pakistan has built a missile that will carry such a warhead.

    3. If the pakis are that good, a simple remote detonating electronic device is a piece of PITH.

    Therefore we should exclude Pakistan from the "BAD GUYS".

    After all they only want to kill the heathans across the border.

    You know:

    The one that worship rats (animals) who destroy/eat millions of tons of food. The Brit gobment then give £200 MILLION to feed the witless feckers.

    The one that has a cast system which guarantees slave labour and the rich stay rich etc etc etc.

    Need I go on??????????????????????????


    And dont get me started on that piece of shoite in Gitmo who is "innocent".

    OH yes, comes to the UK and claims assylem.


    Gets arrested on Pakistany/afgany border with a forged passport?????????????


    Nobody askes what the fcuk he was doing there????????????????

  10. Totally agreed, all this stuff can be bought on the high street and knocked up easily by anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of electronics or indeed just by people following a diagram. When I was a tech at Ericsson's after leaving the army there used to be "skilled" girls there working on an assembly line making voice recognition boards for phone exchanges, most of them probably only just understood how to use a phone but produced on the whole good reliable circuitry. And they never had the drive of Allah's wrath behind them lol, Just me (especially in summer) :p
  11. RM.

    Going by your username, I assume you were referring to Ericsson's plant in Sunny Scunny? Went past there yesterday and they are just finishing the demolition of the whole site. Just Corus to go next.

  12. Cheers bud, I work there now lol!!!!!!!!! Ain't the way life turn's out just rosy! Oh well I suppose I can look forward to a life of state sponsored fags and booze, maybe some class A drugs for free, or maybe as I'm not a partially sighted muslim, one legged, single parent lesbian dysfunctional person with attention deficit disorder and my slovakian ain't so good. I might well be forked lol :D :D :D