Taliban blow up Christmas turkeys destined for British troop

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunami, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. So thats why Gordon Brown went to Afg, someone told him we were short of a large Turkey :D
  2. Oh those fiends!!!
  3. that does it, give obama as many of our lads as he needs!!!
  4. Though somewhat amusing, it follows the attack in Peshawar on trucks bound for NATO forces and seems to highlight a new tactic by anti-NATO forces.
  5. Love it, Afghan drivers die daily delivering supplys to bases, but it's newsworthy if the wagon was carrying turkeys? It happens everyday to guys bringing in fuel and food.
  6. I think it disgusting that they now that "Thankgivings" gone, they've only been practicising for the real event, targetting British Turkeys.
  7. Fowl play perhaps?
  8. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

  9. What do they think the guys out there are? :evil: :evil:

    I don't know why I noticed that.
  10. Besides the banter, a number of friends of mine are about to deploy, and I think I forgot how many basic luxuries I take for granted! I know a number of people out there at the moment who are feeling it as Christmas approaches and they are without their families-hope a Christmas meal makes them feel better!
  11. Just wait until our Rod Hull special attack Emu unit get their beaks on the Taliban's tool kits . . .
  12. This just isn't cricket.
  13. All British soldiers will receive a Christmas box, which includes a multi-tool, three juggling balls, a sewing kit and a travel pillow. They will also receive crackers, party poppers and balloons.

    As jobs will be hard to come by when the lads get out, it's always good to start them job winning skills so valued by civvie street.
  14. One has to marvel at the ingenuity of the Ministry of Defence, who else could have made flightless birds fly over such a long distance? One assumes the RAF flew fighter escort on the last (turkey) leg into Afghanistan.