Taliban beheadings? Apparently not!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OLDBIGHEAD, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. LiveLeak.com - Beheaded by the Taleban? No, this time it was about sex

    Beheaded by the Taleban? No, this time it was about sex

    CLOSE [X] In Afghanistan, things are often more complicated than they look like at the first glance. Some armed fighting, for example, is motivated by local conflicts. But there are always people who are interested to present this as ‘Taleban’-driven. Our guest author BETTE DAM*, a Dutch journalist, pleads for more accuracy in reporting such incidents.
    [In Tirinkot bazaar]

    On New Year’s Day, six Afghans were beheaded in a village in Uruzgan province. Horrible news. The boys were young, some of them only 18 years old.

    The New York Times was quick with the conclusion: the Taleban were behind it. They killed the men ‘because of their alliance with the Karzai government’. AFP told their readers they were killed ‘by the Taleban’, because of ‘spying’ for the Afghan government. Xinhua made it even more clear: the six beheaded Afghans were ‘ex-colleges’ from the Taleban who killed them. A Belgian newspaper presented the story like this: ‘A group of moderate Taleban held a meeting in a house and a terrorist Taleban-group came and beheaded them’, as provincial police commander Juma Gul told the journalist.

    My first text message to an Afghan I work with in Tarinkot about what happened with the six victims was answered with: ‘Those people were madrassa Taleban’. For me that didn't explain anything; my experience is that you have to press a bit. Often the conflicts in the province seem too complex for the Afghans to take the effort to explain them to Westerners. Others find it much easier to blame the Taleban for everything and get away with it. Besides that, especially the young Afghans I work with feel sometimes ashamed to speak about differences between their tribal leaders.

    But I've been working with this Afghan colleague for two years and I know I can try it again. So I did. ‘But who was interested in killing them?’, I texted, in the hope to get names of tribal leaders who had an enmity between each other, or maybe something else. And again I got an unclear answer: ‘The Taleban killed among each other’. I felt something uncommon was going on; most of the time he is more direct. So I tried ‘Why did they do that then? Is it rivalry between groups? Were the two groups both from Tarinkot?’ It took a while… and then he replied that he talked to the leader of the jail who arrested four of the killers, and he told him the reason: ‘To be honest - they fought about a boy friend’.

    After talking to the governor and an aid worker in Tarinkot I got it confirmed. The fights for sex with a boy ended up in the newspaper as a clash between Taleban ‘who become more strong in the province’, as one newspaper added.

    The governor was clear: ‘No, it’s not extremist Taleban, they were not fighters, just students. We are researching it’, he said, ‘but yes, the idea is that it was about a boyfriend’.

    The aid worker started laughing uncomfortable when I asked him the same question. ‘How can I explain to you what happened’, he tried. ‘Is it a Taleban-fight? ’, I asked. He quickly denied. ‘No fighters, no Taleban, it has nothing to do with that.’ Then he found how to put it: ‘Here we have a habit of... they fought about misusing a boy for love’.

    So, what happened according to my sources, was as follows: In a village ten kilometer west of Tarinkot, the fight started amongst three small madrassas. Two of them, the governor explained, are for adults. The other one is for boys under 18. Two adult groups wanted to take a ‘boyfriend’ from the children’s madrassa but a disagreement started between them. In the night, one adult group attacked the other adult group. They first killed their targets (some of them were sleeping, others were studying) and after that they beheaded them. ‘For Tarinkot, this is also very unusual”, the aid worker said.
  2. Afghanistan = behadings, Taliban, burka, madrassas...

    I found these photographs of Afghanistan 1950-1960 most enlightening...

    Sevastopol.info •

    Captions to photos:

    1. campus of the university of Kabul
    2. 3. classrooms
    4. maternity unit in Kabul hospital
    5. Afghan girl guides
    6. cinema with Hollywood films in
    7. playground
    8. factory
    9. hydroelectric station
    10. textile factory
    11. women factory workers (end of shift).
    11. radio station
    12. boutiques
    13. music shop
    14. fruit market
    15. Kabul administration
    16. army
  3. Was probally the high point of the the place
  4. I think we can agree the place is coming on in leaps and bounds.


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  6. Because they're a bunch of hypocritical child rapists?
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  7. Perhaps the homo's like getting 'rocked to sleep'
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  10. Another serious question, looking at the pics above made me wonder, what the hell actually happened to the place? I mean it might be 50 or so year but thats a big difference
  11. It's easier to understand if you appreciate that the photos are of different locations.
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  12. Thats a very good point sir, my apologies for being a mong
  13. Shouldn't Fred be putting the Sabre tooth cat out for the night?
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  14. So they were Taliban CCF Instructors :?

  15. We used to call it the Starwars village.
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