Taliban behead ten Afgan Police

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bernster, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Just seen a news article re above I would post a link but can't. I will leave that to a youngster. It was apparently in a fairly calm area. Makes me wonder what will happen when we lose in 2015 oh sorry I meant cease combat ops. I suspect we won't be able to move without stepping on a head.
  2. Fairly calm area in Afghan?! So why haven't we filled it with bars and women?
  3. (Reuters) - Taliban insurgents beheaded six Afghan police during a raid on government buildings in northern Baghlan province, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said on Wednesday.

    Tuesday's attack by the Taliban targeted a police post and a district government building in a province where they have been largely absent until recently.

    A spokesman for the Taliban confirmed the attack, but denied the alliance's report on beheadings.
    While the Taliban has carried out beheadings before, the governor of Baghlan, Abdul Majid, said he was unaware of the mutilation report.
  4. Tut Tut, inform the local Taliban commander that his men have just offended the Police's rights as muslims and the perpetrators must be immediately returned home to face an inquiry!! Anybody would think they were GHURKAS!

    FFS this is just typical of what Al Qaeda, the Taliban & other Islamic nutters have been doing in Iraq, Chechnya, The Yeman and Afghanistan all along, you cannot treat these animals as though they are "civilised" , they only respond to FORCE and any so called "Kid glove" tactics when dealing with them is looked upon as WEAKNESS on the West's part! By all means try not to harm non combatants, but hit the ones fighting as hard as possible with as much as possible!
  5. Seems you two are in accord.
  6. It's the nature of the beast to act like a beast. I wonder whether our genial Taliban Decapitator Squad are aware that this violates the 'Rules of Combat and 'Good Form,' what?
  7. Will we get 20 pages out of this one ?
  8. I'm pretty sure OPTAG mentions that they're 'the baddies' and we're 'the goodies'.

    Can anyone post the JSP that explains the difference? Subject to OPSEC, of course.
  9. I'd personally prefer that we're not judged the same standards as the Taliban. It winds up excusing most of what they do, in the end.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Most of what the multiple scum we fight do gets excused by our intellegensia anyway. Being the good guys has never delivered a war-winning advantage in any of the post-war coin ops I can think of. In fact, our only real success, Malaya, involved forced mass relocations among other measures.

    The correct model for the effective pacification of Afghanistan is the Highland Pacification following the '45. Like the Afghans, the Highlanders were a deeply religious society, clannish, organised for fighting, bred to war and established in operationally challenging terrain. Peace and civilisation were finally established the only way they could be; through a combination of infrastructure improvement, economic dislocation and re-alignment, cultural suppression and ruthless brutality towards any signs of opposition. No-one's got the bottle for that in Afghanistan and, even if they did, we have no mandate, moral or political, to change their world, which is why we shouldn't even be trying. We'll continue to lose lives by dabbling in a politically correct way to salve those tender liberal consciences and then, when nobody's looking, we'll slink away, leaving Afghanistan to plunge back into the Middle Ages and the bereaved to wonder what it was all for. In a better world, Western leadership would have more direct experience of life and the realities of these Third World sh1t pits. Then perhaps they might be more cautious about launching under-resourced moral crusades with terms of engagement designed, not with victory in mind, but with the intention of reducing angst and indigestion within the walls of elite addresses in Islington and Hampstead.
  11. FF - not a bad post on the post '45 era. Missing shit loads mind and you forgot to mention forced emigration at the point of a hired bayonet. You also make it sound as though this was an enacted policy and whilst it was (to a certain extent) legal, there was no mandate from the government of the day. It was greedy landlords pursuing their own agenda, that has raped and shaped the highlands into what you see today. Where would you forcibly relocate these Afghan 'clansmen' to? - I'm pretty sure the US Canada and Australia wouldn't really want them at the moment!

    Sorry to go off thread, but (I'm sure this has been mentioned before) the Islamic world is currently enjoying the year 1431(AH). If we look at our version of events in 1431AD we might see some comparrisons to our own behaviour. By that flawed recknoning, I reckon we might start seeing some success in Afghan by 2589AD - now about that Defence budget................
  12. Serving the political end would be a great deal easier if it had been decided what that end was in any concrete fashion, but malkying anyone who gets in our way is not the solution. We don't even know where our way leads, let alone what the step after and the step after that will look like.

    To which I would add Mark 8:36.