Taliban Are not "10 Feet Tall"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. While in no way minimizing the threat, it is good on occasion to see that the enemy suffers from Murphy's Law problems too:

    Taliban Attack Video
  2. The thing is its obvious to those who know why that ambush failed and we should probably avoid further discussion as some dim wit will give the game away.
  3. IIRC it was part of a channel 4 programme about a moth or so ago
  4. Of course, I do not want to compromise OPSEC etc. so I defer to the MODS if this needs to be deleted.
  5. To be honest I was hoping my post would serve as a warning shot to those who want to shoot their mouth off and allow sensible debate on the subject. It just shows how their lack of communication and de-briefing is resulting in confusion.
  6. There lot's of strands of "Terry" with varrying degrees of switched-on-ness. If the group filmed here (the C4 programme was Dispatches IIRC) can't figure out why their toy didn't go bang, I sincerely doubt they'll have the nous to look on ARRSE. See http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=143253.html

    Anyway, funny to watch.
  7. If I ignored the details of the scene in terms of the guys in mufti etc. the voice over and captions reminded me of many situations with my own Marines. (PFC to LCPL in excited whispers after we all nearly had our heads taken off by Claymore mine pellets--"I thought YOU booby trapped the Claymore" response: "Well I thought you did since you did it yesterday" Gunnery Sergeant Naileater in between audibly grinding teeth: Well you shitbirds nearly got us all killed (VC turned the thing around during the night but it was "aimed" too high) and you are on my "list" now...."; Lieutenant (me-thinking to myself) "I am going to die here.")

    That fellow Murphy(stan) really gets around. :D
  8. Good one. Since we have now slid into war stories, that cartoon reminded me of one of my Marines saying after breaking his ankle on a parachute jump, "well I was preparing to land and saw the trees directly below me so I knew I had at least 50' left to the ground...." The "trees" he saw were scrub brush about 3 feet high.
  9. Agreed. If only the group shown here were reflective of the Taliban as a whole, we'd have a lot less to worry about. Still amusing to watch, however :D
  10. Captures it perfectly! :D
  11. its hardly top secret, i know exactly what your on about and im not in, im still joining, and some daft ****** has given the game away commenting on the video.
  12. Haha. I remember that programme. It was like watching an episode of Dads Army.
  13. On a serious note, whilst I agree the Taliban in theatre probably lack the nous to follow proceedings on ARRSE, they have plenty of sympathizers who possibly do - worldwide, including the UK.
  14. Do you sign autographs? And have you now learned the colo(u) of the boathouse?
  15. I doubt it. They'll have looked in the gallery and seen what a real virgin looks like and packed it in.