Taliban Announce a Retreat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. True or not


  2. bad news IMO

    whilst they were charging at paras like they were in the somme they were shown up as bad soldiers and gunned down in thier hundreds.
  3. What retreat?

    They've just announced they're breaking down into smaller unit operations.

    This may mean an end to set-piece standup fights, but an increase in IEDs , intimidation , murder and all that bad bloody stuff.
  4. Agree with PTP, they appaear to have tried the macho bit and been roundly defeated. Change of tactics inevitable.
  5. If one were a pessimist, one could draw a parallel with the IRA: we've now killed all the young, dumb and full of cum nutters who wanted to stand up and take us on a la rambo: in effect, we've achieved an accelerated Darwinian selection process, and now the cautious, thinking nutters are planning to hurt us... Are we willing to spend half a century fighting a counter insurgency op 'far, far away'?
  6. thats what i meant by bad news, they are much more dangerous now, you can't shoot back at a roadside bomb
  7. Utter wibble from, and just look at the name, "Strategy Page". With a name like that, it MUST be true!

    The sad thing is, people actually believe this crud. And worst still, others feel the need to bring it to our table hoping that some poor nuggin here will believe it too.

    At first I thought neo_com was just misinformed and too feeble to open his eyes to what's really going on out there. Now I'm beginning to suspect that he's actually a professional in the business: paid to spread such reports and immune to criticism - like the annoying cold caller trying to sell you double glazing: 99 fcuk-offs mean nothing as long as they get one poor sucker to pay £10,000 for something that only really costs £2,000!
  8. You and your wobble, as I have said before you are stuck in a BBC world. The person who writes the Strategy page is as qualified as any BBC reporter, just less pretentious and at times more accurate. They just get paid less and aren't subsidize by the state. As far as getting paid, I wish ,I could use the money, but I do all of this for free.
  9. Spreading the GOsPel for nothing! More fool you!

    I've noticed you've dropped the feeble 'lefty' slur and replaced it with a jibe about the BBC - ever since I demonstrated my credentials as being traditionally several steps right of your pseudo-socialism. And regarding the BBC, yes I often link to them for 'news' stories for convienience. I suspect you'll not be able to understand a word from my local rag. Here's todays headlines: Коком против "Кока-Коле", Хитна смена директора Џитне помоћи and Прљаве полицијске значке.

  10. I do wish this was true.

    However, if the Beeb comes out with something known not to be true, You have the ability to kick up a stink about it, including going all the way up to the Press Complaints Commision. How able are You to have an unacreditted journalist on a two bit web site change his or her story if he wishes to stick by it.

    Incidentally, how do You KNOW the journo is qualified - do You have to have NUJ membership to be employed by aforementioned two bit website, do You HAVE to have a qualification????? Do You HAVE to tell the truth?????
  11. Coming to think of it, you've just been kind enough to prove once again:
    1. how ignorant you are of reality,
    2. your ability simply to accept what you want to hear irrespective of its merit, and
    3. your abject failure to do any background research.

    The contributors of 'Strategy Page' are NOT qualified reporters or journalists. See here: About Us

    OK. So maybe the last one, Austin Bay, is a trained journalist. Oooops, no. From his own website:

    "English and Comparative Literature" is not journalism!

    The contributors have set themselves up as 'experts' on military strategy. True, some of them have some military experience, and even old connections with the DoD, but in reality all they are doing on this website - by their own admission - is farm news reports from other sources, select ones that suit their aims, add a little of their own spin and pass it off as expert analysis.

    Back to school for you neo-com!